I Wonder

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I Wonder

Many years ago, on my way home from a ‘boy’s night out’, after a delightful evening and after planting one more goodnight kiss on the lovely lips of my fair lady, the incurable romantic within me possessed my heart and mind. Still feeling the mild vapors from a few drinks, I began to sing, the words coming from some source I’ve yet to adequately and poetically identify. A soft ballad it was, words and music all, and it stayed with me. Arriving at my bachelor apartment I set up my recording device and sang the song into the mike…later on I would have my cabaret piano friend write the sheet music based on that taping – I feel music but cannot write the sweet symbols on those ‘key’ lines…through the years I would write a number of songs in the same fashion.

Having reached the golden years, I still occasionally sing my songs while showering, while driving along on a trip. The songs are important to me as they convey some pivotal moments in my life, and I still occasionally write them. With today’s knowledge exploding, with technology reaching its golden years as well, there comes a reckoning point for me, a point of irrelevance, a dinosaur among the SEO and APPS experts of the worldwide web. I feel so frustrated most of the time I’m on my laptop, convinced there is so much more I could be doing to enhance and promote my BRAND – I assume this means me and my books… Anyway, I sing ‘I Wonder’ quite often these days.

With all events and hard news delivered with such rapidity and urgency in this new age of technology, it is so easy to feel anxiety and confusion about the world, about our nation and its direction. Like so many others, ‘I Wonder’ why so many people can have gaping differences of opinion, why there is so much anger and hate, why ‘common sense’ seems to be absent from important decision making, why greed and special interests infect our politicians, why we the people are blatantly fed the political soup of the day, why barbarians want to chop off heads and burn people alive, why we bargain with people who hate us, on and on.

Perhaps it is simply the romantic me, the me who remembers calmer news days, people caring for people, problems, yes, but more decisive action to fix the negative issues. I don’t hear too many ballads these days, just the jarring sounds of musical instruments drowning out the singers. Then, again, I don’t hear so well anymore. Come to think of it, there is not much I can do well anymore…

But I can still write my books and my songs, my books getting a fair share of 5-Star reviews. So I can find reason to awake in the morning, work on my writing and try to find out about those SEOs and APPs that might make one or more of my twelve books go viral.

‘I Wonder’? Maybe history just keeps repeating itself. Maybe I’m a malcontent! ‘I Wonder’? My wife loves me! I love my wife! Things are not so bad!

I Wonder?

(Here’s the song I wrote all those years ago…think soft ballad!)

I Wonder

I see trees with green leaves in winter

I see the moon where the sun should stand

I see a lake where there should be a meadow

A forest where there should be sand.

And, with all this, I Wonder:

Can life be merely a dream?

A dream that can build

A love that is real…

A love to last eternally?

I Wonder!

I Wonder!

Oh, how I Wonder!


I hear a song with soft words of silence

I see a lark when there is no bird

There’s a horn when there should be no music

A sound that should not be heard.

And, with all this, I Wonder:

Can life be merely a dream?

A dream that can build

A love that is real…

A Love to last eternally?

I Wonder!

I Wonder!

Oh, how I Wonder!

                                                                                (©Billy Ray Chitwood)      

 Billy Ray Chitwood – April, 2015

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You Are Home

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You Are Home

Time and again the thunder ball rolled through the gray cloud cluster that covered the world. Streaks of lightning pierced the darkening sky. Winds raced fifty miles an hour, creating ominous whistle sounds. Flashes of light and fire came with a sharp crack as trees were targeted by the storm. Then the whole earth shook! Objects and people fell where they stood. Great fissures came loudly rippling, tearing up the ground, splitting hills and boulders.

Families gathered in their homes, frightened by the ferocity of Nature, wondering if this was truly the end of the world. Was this the predestined Apocalypse mentioned in one of the great books of history?

Armies were positioned throughout the world to do battle but were now confused and in disarray. The strange storm raged across the globe. Nations’ leaders were unable to communicate, fail safe systems not performing.

Apprehension, fear of terrorism came quickly to the masses. Those of Faith prayed to their God. The Non-believers were held in a mind paralysis, now mute in their own self-doubt.

When the noisy shaky orbiting of earth fell calm and silent, high in the sky came countless white doves, spreading across the sky, chanting in wondrous cadence – Going Home! Over and over, the chant was heard across the world, and, in a blink of an eye and a flash people began to vanish.

When the chant stopped, when the doves disappeared from the sky, the people of malice and war still on earth picked up their weapons of destruction and spewed their venom of hate until the cacophony of their evil shattered their mass and they were no more.

The earth suddenly morphed into a lovely golden hue, streets lined with perfectly formed trees and walkways. Lakes and meadows appeared where there once were battlefields. Everywhere the air was sweet-smelling with intoxicating freedom, good will, and peace.

Then, the good people of the earth returned, preceded by the white doves chanting – You Are Home!

Billy Ray Chitwood – April, 2015


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Each life has a story to tell. Each of us in so many ways tell that story. This piece of Non-Fiction, What Happens Next? A Life’s True Tale, even with some of the shame that comes with it, tells my story…actually, it’s the brother of my fictional memoir, The Cracked Mirror – Reflections of an Appalachian Son…ninety per cent true. The aforementioned book is one hundred per cent true. Even within the books of fiction, mystery, suspense, romance I have written, my story is told – on and between the lines. Hope you have an opportunity to read What Happens Next? A Life’s True Tale and other books of mine. Of course, an amazon review is most welcome.

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History Teaches


History Teaches

History teaches us so much but it cannot keep pace with our arrogance and ignorance!

Each generation carries with it the movers and the shakers, those simply living clean wholesome lives, obeying the laws, looking to survive, and the Jerry Springer witless wonders, robotic brewers of brawn and monosyllabic tantrums. With the world’s multi-billion people-mix of colors, creeds, languages, political, and religious persuasions it might be rather remarkable that we have not imploded by now, or, perhaps more apt, exploded. Our geniuses have given us all the once unimaginable tools for Armageddon. Each nation appears to separate its populations into politically diverse groups with leaders, some chosen by the people, some by coups, others by anarchy and revolution.

Now, with generations of anger and hatred fueling their actions, Islamic terrorists by the tens of thousands come to show us barbaric ways to kill, to threaten openly for all the world to know that their deity proclaims their way the only way… The infidels who dare challenge or do not submit to their new world order will die in hideous ways.

So, if ever the entire world needed to come together to form a massive coalition to destroy these defiant monsters of morality, it is now. It does not take an IQ in the genius range to understand that the world is most definitely at a crucial crossroad in the history of humankind. It will take the sane and sensible leaders of the world to combine their forces and their machinery of destruction to clear the planet of this terrorism scourge. And, it must be the United States that takes up this noble effort to unify nations, to commit every option of its military forces in leading this great coalition. It is well past the time for ‘aiming’. It is time to fire!

Yes, there is hope still for a world that has been hijacked for some years by the forces of Satan. Leaders must forsake the greed and power that come with leadership and think only of the people for whom they work.

Billy Ray Chitwood – March, 2015

Now, might I interest you in Book Two of ‘The Bailey Crane Mystery Series’ – with each book in the six-book series standing alone but showing the progression of the central character. In Satan’s Song, a distraught mother seeks out Bailey Crane after her lovely young daughter is brutally murdered. The police cannot give her the closure she needs, and Bailey cannot turn the nice lady down. This story is inspired by a Phoenix, Arizona murder some years ago, and my imagination drifted here and there to come up with this story. The killer has a penchant for classical music, and the ending will blow you away… Hope you can read it and perhaps give it an Amazon review.

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The Casual Stranger


The Casual Stranger

(Flash Fiction)

He was six feet tall with a stern angular face and he walked with a limp, like one leg was shorter than the other. She watched him walk to the mahogany bar and take a stool next to her, his only choice as the late afternoon crowd was building. From the pretty bar maiden he ordered a double Makers Mark, three ice cubes, and a splash of water. Though his big cowboy hat and suede jacket gave him a casual air his voice had a cultured Texas tone, and he seemed conscious of her watching him.

“Afternoon,” he looked at her and spoke, “you saving this seat for someone?”

“No, it’s all yours… I like your hat.” She responded, feeling giddy on her third drink.

“Thanks, I get that a lot…it’s a special hat to me – with a great personal story…”

The bar maiden delivered the stranger’s drink, and he held it momentarily in his right hand, looking down into the glass of amber liquid, lost in deep thought. Then, he consumed half the drink in one gulp and stared straight ahead at the row of liquor bottles lined up along the smoke-mirrored back bar. It was as though he forgot they had exchanged a few words.

His comment about ‘a great personal story’ had piqued her interest.

“Look,” she said, “I’m not being forward and I’m not a ‘working girl’. My name is Janice and you seem like a very interesting man. You mentioned that hat you wear has ‘a great personal story’… Do you mind if I ask what makes it great?”

The stranger put his drink on the napkin, took a deep breath and looked at her with his penetrating brown eyes. “Well, Janice, let me get another drink and I’ll tell you that story.”

She was way ahead of him, told the bar maiden to bring two more drinks and put them on her tab.

“Well, now, hold on a moment, I can’t let you be buying me drinks, Janice. That’s not right, and we just met.”

“Well, Tex – since you won’t give me your name, I’ll just call you, Tex – I’m sure you know we live now in a new ‘free society’ where the genders are equal, so it’s my pleasure to treat…”

“I’ll be damned, ‘Tex’ is what I’m called, and, I’m not going to spoil this ‘free society’ thing you’re talking about. Thanks for the drink.”

“My pleasure, Tex. Now, how about that ‘hat story’?”

Tex began. “Janice, this hat has passed through three generations of my family, so, actually, there are three stories. My grandfather was a Texas Ranger and he got bushwhacked outside of Abilene by two horse thieves and murderers. Left to die in the blazing sun he had just enough strength to pull that hat over his face to keep the heat and rays from broiling him. My father and other Texas Rangers found him in time to save his life. When my grandfather died from cancer some years later he left that hat to my father.

“My father wore that hat everywhere, told me many stories about that hat and how it played a part in many Texas Ranger battles. His main episode with the hat came during a Texas Ranger raid on a nest of cattle rustlers over near Fort Worth. During the raid a big Texas dust storm came up, and the hat was lost. My father did not give up looking for that hat, and about three weeks later he saw a man wearing that hat in Benbrook, Texas – not far from the raid site. The man told my father he found the hat near the old road going into Fort Worth. The man was reluctant to give up the hat, so my father ended up giving him $30.00 for the hat.

“Now, I suppose anyone hearing these stories about a simple cowboy hat would likely think me crazy, but my father had a fondness for this hat and made me swear to keep passing it on to my children. I didn’t wear the hat one day and I had a bad car accident. Call me superstitious and crazy but I’ve worn this hat every day since that accident. My father talked a lot about this hat and what it meant to him and his father…guess I’m following the tradition. Hell, Janice, you know about cowboy hats and Texans – they’re inseparable. This one here is big-time special for me.”

The two talked through several more rounds of drinks, decided they would have dinner together at the nice restaurant at the Hilton Grand Hotel where Janice was staying. There was for Janice an unusual lure about this man from Texas. She was smitten and did not want the evening to end. On a trip to the ladies room she found her waiter, signed the dinner tab, and told him to announce at the table that the dinner was ‘on the house’.

After the sumptuous dinner, Janice and Tex went to Janice’s suite where she put the lights low and the music played softly in the background. The evening took its natural progression to the bedroom and lovemaking.

Tex spent most of the night, rising from the king bed quietly around 4:00 AM, dressing, spending a few moments at the bar in the living room, and leaving a note for Janice. He then left the suite.

When Janice awoke, yawned, and looked around for Tex, she was sad that he was gone. Then, she happily noticed the note on the bar next to her purse.

The note read:

You are a most special lady and it seems only appropriate

I leave a token of my gratitude…the hat that has been

So very profitable to me over the past few weeks.

Thank you for a wonderful evening!


A frown came to her face and she noticed her purse open. She looked inside and found all of her cash gone. Then, she looked at the cowboy hat at the end of the bar counter, and the anger came. She threw the hat on the carpet and stomped it with both feet for several seconds. She kicked the hat, followed it, kicked it some more.

Finally, she sat on the golden chaise lounge and stared at the walls, breathing fast and hard.

Suddenly, her lips began to form a smile and it widened. Then, she laughed with gusto until the tears came.

Billy Ray Chitwood – March, 2015

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The Omaha Park Incident


The Omaha Park Incident

(Flash Fiction)

The park was crowded with federal, local, and state political dignitaries, there for the statue unveiling of a most remarkable political figure, James Thomas Rhinestone. The outstanding leadership of this United States Senator from Nebraska led to the disposition of government gridlock which lasted for twenty years. He led the fight for bi-partisanship and transparency of congressional actions and administrative policies. In short, Mr. Rhinestone was the main catalyst in keeping democracy and freedom alive in the country, in dismantling and repealing the previous president’s socialistic executive orders.

The Omaha Park was replete with marching bands and enthusiastic speakers. The local police and security personnel were at strategic spots in the park. A colorful platform draped with American flags and beautiful vases of plants boomed the voices of politicians out across the large and lovely grounds. Thousands roared their jubilant approval after each proud statement. The sky was a bright blue for the momentous occasion, the weather comfortably warm for family picnicking on lustrous green grounds. For the thirsty and hungry there were lemonade stands, hamburger and hot dog stands. Speakers carried the messages of the orators across the vast area to loud happy shouts. Red, white, and blue kites floated lazily overhead, with kids and parents maneuvering to avoid collisions. Parents changed babies’ diapers and pushed pacifiers into their mouths to reduce the decibel level of their crying.

After a rousing introduction the final political speaker stood at the podium, an aide of the US president carrying a message about the hard work of Senator Rhinestone and a brief sketch of new policy decisions and a new course for the country…

“We are now a country revived from a long coma, able again to comprehend and abide by the Constitution of the United States. We are now a congress without the damaging quid pro quos of the past, without the filibusters than stood in the way of good honest legislation for ‘We The People’, without catering to special interests, and without remembering for whom we work.

“We are now a federal government who will help those who truly need help, who will pass on important issues to the states of our republic for rendering of decisions best made by them – education and otherwise, who will diligently deliver the very best security for our country, maintain the integrity of our borders, regulate only those entities best controlled by a central authority, balance the national budget, and commit the strength of all our armed forces to rid our country and the world of savage terrorists, those who spill blood in most heinous ways under the cloak of a religion they claim is the only one that matters. Be patient as our plans and policies are being shaped as we speak – just as a vast majority of our citizens have made their wishes known. I can solemnly promise that our actions will truly be transparent…”

As the final comments of the speaker are made, a red, white, and blue kite soars downward from the sky and crashes into the middle of the platform. With the crash comes a huge explosion that shatters the platform and kills people within fifty feet of the podium. The blood of many is thick and heavy upon the grass and shattered platform. Body parts of those near the kite blast fly into the frenzied crowd. The earth rumbles, shakes as families scream and act wildly in a cacophony of sound. Children stand mute, their eyes wide, unfocused, in bewildered shock, their faces the mirrors of a Van Gogh painting, lives forever scarred by the scenes all around them. The adults forsake reason, running, flailing, falling, bouncing into each other, dazed in their maniacal fear. In the haste cars crash into each other in an attempt to leave the scene of chaos.

It had happened!

That 9/11 moment of terror the people of America inwardly feared finally came. When reason returned and the reality was felt, anger came, blame came, crime of pettiness came, demands came, intelligence sources scurried, and, soon came an all-out US air and ground attack on Muslim terrorists in the Middle East, from Syria to West Africa, north and south. In the United States, in all fifty states, Muslims who were on the ‘Action Watch Lists’ of National Security were rounded up and put in the hastily built internment additions at Cuba’s Guantanamo Bay. The United States acted quickly to apply more crippling sanctions, choking the economy of Iran. The Iranian leadership became less belligerent and more tolerant of their perceived enemies.

The Omaha Park act of Terror created a bond among Americans reminiscent of the World War Two era and the ‘Greatest Generation’. The great and charitable nation wakened its sleeping giant to a new era of peace and prosperity

The United States prevailed and won the War on Terrorism, became again the respected leader of the free world.

Enough was enough!

Billy Ray Chitwood – March, 2015

My book, Mama’s Madness, has a different kind of evil and terror that is inspired by true events and hits very close to the core of something most of our society holds sacrosanct: family and most specifically, our children. Mama’s Madness is a novel that deals with an evil California mother who tortures and murders, who commits unfathomable acts that shock our senses and deny any forgiveness. The book is essentially the story of a daughter caught up in this evil web, yet still dares to dream and aspire for a happy ending… It is an unforgettable read with many 5-Star reviews. Hope you read it and leave an Amazon review.

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The Muse and I


The Muse and I

There was a time

When the Muse Erato came often

Brought me from

A dormancy dreary of thought,

Brought me to

High points of my fancy and fun,

Held me close in

Her tender arms of rhapsody.

The years passed

And ink went dry within the pen,

And a harsh wind

Carried me with shrill Bacchus beats

To a dark despair

Not known since confusion of youth,

Until a new beginning

Carried me back to the daughter of Zeus.

And now I sit with pen

Poised to claim treasures that are mine

But find the poignant

Passage of Time has left me weary of Want.

All that might have been

Are now dreams filled with dancing specters

That laugh and mock me

With their metronomic ticks of passing years.

(Billy Ray Chitwood – March, 2015)

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Music’s Message


Music’s Message 

Do you feel lonesome and sad?

Play Vivaldi! Or, play some songs by Tim McGraw.

Do you feel angry, mad as hell, and not going to take it anymore?

Play Tchaikovsky’s Fifth Symphony. Or, play some songs by Toby Keith.

Do you feel contemplative, pensive?

Play Bach or Haydn. Or, play some songs by ‘Ole Blue Eyes’ Frank Sinatra.

Do you feel happy and full of life?

Play Mozart. Or, play some songs  by Taylor Swift.

Do you feel sleepy and tired?

Play Brahms. Or, play some songs by R and B ‘The Floaters’.

When the land is blanketed with snow do you feel the need to have soft background music when you work, write, or enjoy a fire in the fireplace?

Play ‘New Age’ or light classical.

It’s difficult for me to imagine a world without music. Our movies build their scenes of drama and mirth with music. Long drives are made a bit easier by the music one enjoys. A romantic evening with your special love is heightened by a ballad that sings the words your heart sends through the eyes.

All through our civilized history, music has been an international language that connects people with their senses.

On this day when commerce is stalled by the snow, I write on my laptop while my ‘Georgie Boy’ is curled and napping on my Lazy Boy leg rest. In this tiny spot of the world, ‘God’s in his heaven and all’s right with the world’.

Oh, were it so across the planet!

Billy Ray Chitwood – February, 2015

Do you like your murder mystery/suspense mixed with romance? Here’s one of my novels I think you will like…The Reluctant Savage has a love triangle plus a lot of evil and intrigue. Give it a read and write an amazon review…authors live by the reviews their books receive. Thank you in advance.



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