The E-World And Writers

Emily Frankel who has a blog called “Em’s Talkery” had a recent post about all things ‘chic’ in our modern world, not the least of which is the E-World of publishing. With all the smart, stylish, elegant gadgetry in the E-World, we can communicate our ideas and thoughts within seconds all around the orbiting globe. Guess that’s pretty awesome, particularly for us ‘old dogs trying to learn new tricks.’ Awesome, chic, whatever the defining adjective used, it is a rather incredible world we’re living in today.

Not long after reading Em’s post on ‘Chic,’ I read another post from an author who has some major concerns as to how he can best market and sell his books. This writer was concerned that his books were not selling to his satisfaction, even though he was getting 5-Star reviews in good numbers, even though he was utilizing the social media networks and blog sites to the max. He was asking for suggestions, replies to his post that just might open a door he had not thought to open. In essence, he was asking, does social media and do the blog sites sell books?

Along with many other writers I responded to his post. Without exception, each responder felt that the E-technology we have today is indeed awesome and mind-boggling, ‘Chic’ with a the big ‘C.’ With the praise for the technology came the resounding ‘I don’t knows.’ Other than providing consistent name recognition for your brand name (you and your book titles), social media (twitter, facebook, et al) and free book give-aways, author interviews, and even 5-Star reviews aplenty were not selling a lot of books for some very good writers. A few of us responders told the inquiring writer that we had just about run the ‘daily wars’ gamut, you know, where you begin each day catching up with your followers on twitter, facebook, goodreads, linkedin, whichever, check your blog sites, write a new post, plus maybe fit in some family issues — and I’m talking about us ‘old dogs’ in this new ‘Chic’ world, already in or approaching retirement from the world of work. A few of us told him that we loved to write and that we were getting caught up in this new E-World fantasy and not doing a lot of tapping on the old laptop keys…told him basicallly that we were just going back to our writing, keep our blogs updated with our books and let the chips fall where they might.

Sales and Marketing was my business for some years and I must admit that I’m stymied in this digital environement — amused with it but also confounded by it. Now, I’m smart enough to know that some savvy folks have found some E-Doors to open that I don’t know about, are younger and have the brain power, energy, stamina, and wherewithal to cope with this new E-World. I’m happy for these people, envy them in a nice way, and wish they would ‘pro bono’ themselves to my website and let me know their secrets. It’s doubtful anyone would be so disposed.

Now I know what some of you are thinking, that maybe we authors are too much in love with our writing efforts to see the flaws in our ‘product.’ Not a chance! Our works are great! Remember the 5-Star reviews we have, and not from friends and relatives with false names. I’ve read some of these writers, and I know they’re good. I rather suspect that the devil is running loose somewhere within this E-World technology…there is too much free stuff out there to read that people don’t have the inclination to buy books. Would you? When you can get them free?

Anyway, me! welcome to the E-World! If I find the magic key and a door, I’ll get back to you.

Keep writing, good authors ‘of the pen!’ Remember, we’re in cyberspace…if not now, maybe we will be bought and read in another millenium.


4 thoughts on “The E-World And Writers

  1. Reading this just made me want to quit working on this stupid blog page I’m trying to develop. I’m supposed to verify it with google to get them to post it. I can’t figure out how to do that. I’ve never been so aggravated since I worked on my websites. I had a little netbook then, with a screen as big as a business envelope (and wrote a lot of stories on it, sometimes with a magnifying glass) and dial-up.
    For less than two weeks I’ve had an awesome computer and a large screen. First the Word program totally messed up a story’s format, placed in a publisher’s template, and now this. I sometimes wonder why I keep beating my head against the invisible brick wall that’s giving me this headache.
    It’s what you said in your last line. It will benefit my granddaughter. All I hope for is enough readers to say they enjoyed my writing for me to believe it’s gone beyond just being nice, and what they most liked to help me get better.
    Thank you for letting me know I’m not alone in this. I have writer’s club members who speak as if they’re more successful than I am and now I can see that’s not true. We’re all in this stew together, mulling around, just different flavors in it. And we’re feeding those not yet hungry for free.
    Sometimes I wish for a nice big solar flare to burn out all the electronics. If they stay off long enough many would be in a world I’m more familiar with. But, I don’t think I could live without lights or my microwave or refrigerator, so think, “Maybe that’s not such a good thing to wish for.” But, then again….


  2. I’m not yet certain that this is a sales and marketing problem. It may be more visceral than that. What if we are simply losing the capacity to read. No, I’m not saying that we’re becoming illiterate. What if we are so “connected” that we are losing the capacity to be alone with our own thoughts, or losing the attention span to read anything longer than a text message. Imagine that. I’ve already written my blog post for Monday and that’s the topic I explore.


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