“The Booker Award”



There is the ‘Liebster Award,’ the nomination for which I thank my friend and fellow author, John Dolan – a recipient himself of this highly prestigious little ‘stickum.’

It is my pleasure again to receive a nomination for the highly coveted ‘Booker Award,’ my great thanks going to another author and blog buddy, Jhobell Kristyl. These lovely ‘stickums’ undoubtedly console those of us who peck away at our laptops day after day without as yet having reached the pinnacle of writing stardom. These ‘stickums’ carry the mind momentarily to some hallowed place where the forfeiture of big royalty checks do not matter so much. It is not my wish to have rotten tomatoes thrown my way, so I’ll stop now and just give a hearty thanks to my buddy, Jhobell Kristyl, her intentions pure of heart and soul. I am very appreciative of her generosity and kindness and, hopefully, have followed her instructions precisely.

booker award

The {Booker}Award is a prize for literary and book-centered blogs.  It is for book blogs only! The deserving blogs must be at least 50% about books, reading, book-reviewing etc.  So here are the rules to receive this fantastic award:

  • On being awarded with The {Booker}Award, you must share with readers your top five favorite books you have read in your life so far.
  • On being awarded with The {Booker}Award, you must share with readers your most favorite author/writer. Possibly, also the reason why you like their literary work.
  • On being awarded with The {Booker}Award, you must share with readers your favorite genres.
  • You must give this award to five or ten or any number of other lucky book blogs that you adore.
  • And least importantly, show-off the award on your site and link it back to me.

So here are my top 5 favourite books in no particular order:

1. You Can’t Go Home Again by Thomas Wolfe;

2. Crime And Punishment by Fyodor Dostoyevsky;

3. The General’s Daughter by Nelson DeMille;

4. There Are Men Too Gentle To Live Among Wolves by James Kavanaugh (‘America’s poet laureate’);

5. Everyone Burns by John Dolan (because I fear Digby!).

My most favorite author/writer is: JAMES KAVANAUGH. He is my most favorite author/writer because he spoke most beautifully to my soul, somehow understood me more than I could ever understand myself. and was an extraordinary wordsmith. James Kavanaugh left the Catholic priesthood to reach out and enrich the lives of the downtrodden and weary.

(Now, again, as my most favorite author, I thought about John Dolan of Galericulate fame but decided against him for these reasons: because I did not want to inflate the Brit’s already enlarged ego; because I fear Digby; and, because Dolan’s book, “Everyone Burns,” though simply an exquisite ‘romp,’ is so much better than any of my own books… I suspect the scars I carry from his recent interview of me at the Dubai Dungeon were the deciding factor to exclude him.)

My most favorite genres are:  Action  –  Adventure  –  Biography/Memoirs  – Mystery  –  Suspense  – True Crime  –  Romance

And finally, here are my 5 distinguished awardees.  Don’t forget to check out their awesome blogs:

1. John Dolan – http://johndolanwriter.blogspot.com/search/label/Home ;

2. Bottledworder – http://bottledworder.wordpress.com ;

3. Rich Weatherly – http://richweatherly.wordpress.com (‘Welcome To My Place’)

4.  http://waywardspirit.wordpress.com (@JessicaLeBaron)

5.  http://ruleofstupid.wordpress.com (@RuleOfStupid)

Finally, I want to thank Jhobell again from http://bookmavenpicks.wordpress.com/  (@JhobellKristyl)  for awarding me this Booker Award in the first place.  Thank you very much, .  That’s all, folks!


15 thoughts on ““The Booker Award”

  1. Billy Ray I am truly touched and humbled by your inclusion of me on such an august list. I thank you most sincerely. But more importantly than having you as a reader of my scribblings, I am most proud to count you among my friends. John


  2. Hi Billy-Ray,
    I appreciate the award – but my blog is not remotely book focussed. Personally I love to read, but my blog is for the ranting poet in me. So I’m going to say thank-you but that is all.
    Happy blogging and best of luck with your writing.


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