My Twitter Friend Honors Me!

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We who write, we who diligently do the daily maintenance of our twitter sites know about the time consumption aspects of the many activities involved. Most of us who write also have Facebook, Google Plus, Goodreads, LinkedIn, PinIt, and other writer-connection networks – those places we hash mark and direct others. For this ‘twilight tweeter’ there is discovery and newness, a new world that technological geniuses designed to drive me sometimes mad, to lead me other times to a deliriously delightful place in my mind. For some the digital world and all its new terminology and operations come easily. For some of us this new world is exciting, fascinating, and, may I say, frantic and frightening – confused by protocols we are to follow here and there – frustrated when a hovering and/or misguided finger gets too close to the laptop keys and we lose some important data – sometimes disappointed and defeated by day’s end.

This is one of those deliriously delightful places, my blog(s), where I can commune with my twitter friends and fellow bloggers about so many things that cross my mind – some things, I’m sure, that would be better left alone (like politics and religion!). Today, I wish to single out one dear blog and twitter friend because she has honored me with nominations of some of the blog awards that appear on this page. That twitter friend is Jhobell Kristyl. I thank her for honoring me – and, for putting me in an awkward position. 🙂 You see, I’m not sure what the protocols are – if there are, indeed, protocols. I wish Jhobell and everyone reading this to know that I’m so appreciative for her nominations of these three awards: ‘One Lovely Blog Award ‘‘Very Inspiring Blogger Award’ – ‘Most Handsome Blogger Award’ (Oops! My wife used that word in mentioning Richard Castle’s name while I was tapping the keys here, and, since I never erase anything, STET!) – ‘REALITY Blog Award’ (replaces the ‘Most Handsome Blogger Award’ – Okay, I’ll stop! 🙂

Having voiced my appreciation and acknowledgment to Jhobell, I’m going to temporarily postpone fulfilling the various awards’ requirements. For now I will just say to Jhobell, thanks so much for thinking of me and I’m honored with the nominations.

Jhobell has a busy blog site at Please visit her site and be entertained and informed. She is also on twitter (@JhobellKristyl).

Finishing up some writing projects but a new post will be posted by week’s end.




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