“The Things I Don’t Know”

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There are some things we feel, instinctively know, that we hold dear and very few counter positions can sway those special holdings. I’m talking about the feelings we have about the books we read, our children, our faith, family values, friendships, movies, political views, television shows, and other venues of thought that generally fall under the ‘subjective’ heading. These are things shaped by the merging of our childhood and adult hemispheres, feelings and thoughts that are inveterate, solidified, and otherwise likely not to undergo major alterations during our lives. Yes, there will be room for modification to these basic parts of us but, in most instances, they will speak of who we are to those people who might care to know us.

No big startling revelations in the foregoing paragraph. You know of what I write here. These determining factors bring us our world communities, our caste systems, our classes that define supposedly where we belong in the hierarchy of groups. Some of us are not as lucky as others, perhaps born into poverty, wealth, or somewhere in between. Some of us don’t get the luck of the draw on that intelligence quotient chart. It is all well and good that each of us has our very own unique DNA network, but we will find our ways into the groups in which we apparently belong. Sure, there are those in the poverty group who are blessed with a promising IQ and have a burning desire to move into another group. There are those in the wealthy group who do not get an accompanying IQ that is promising, but they are less likely to go to another group. There are those in all the groups who are handicapped in some way. Some are skinny and stay skinny. Some have a propensity for weight gain and, with some exceptions, stay overweight. There is some universally unwritten codex for determining who among us is cute, handsome, pretty, and who is not so. Funny, the way this programming came, the evolution from ape to man or the intelligent creation that places us where we are. We are born as equals perhaps but we don’t stay that way.

When I hear, read, and/or see something spectacular that I don’t understand like space/time continuum theories, galaxies, universes, black holes, splitting atoms, generally the mathematical and scientific stuff, I’m really out of my league – or, my group. I’m dumbfounded and fascinated by the world of cyberspace and all the technological advances, by quantum physics, by the rapid doubling of knowledge, by parallel worlds, by the ‘Star War’ movies, by the digitally enhanced Robert Rodriguez and Quentin Tarentino films, and by some of the marvelous books that envision worlds that I might or might not want to inhabit… Aah, the things I don’t know! We truly do have geniuses who give our lives adventure, excitement, and new knowledge. But, gee, it is also truly staggering the things I don’t know.

I guess maybe it comes down to this. In all that programming by God (I’m in that group!), it’s like He gives us this big rock of knowledge and each of us chip off a bit of this huge boulder and that becomes our main interest in life. Einstein with his chip gives us that theory of relativity thing. The Greek, Euclides, with his chip gives us his Mathematical theories. Michelangelo takes a large chunk of that rock and gives us Art with his Italian Renaissance brilliance – like, the man does it all as an architect, an engineer, a painter, a poet, a sculptor! Bill Gates and Steve Jobs (recently departed) with their chips off the rock of knowledge add so much to our devilishly exciting world of the internet.

With my chip, what am I giving? I write blog posts, books, poetry, and songs. Poverty is where I begin my journey. Along my way, there are many mistakes. There is membership in that aforementioned Middle group, and I don’t quite make it to that Wealthy status. It is my belief that God did give me a gift, much of it frittered away over time in gin mills and romantic pursuits, and I’m now trying to make up for the lost time. Whether my humble writing appeals to the hungry readers of our E-world day remains to be seen. My books are simple reads without a lot of complicated and convoluted plots, but I do promise the reader that pieces of me are there on and between the lines.

It is truly remarkable this new digital world in which I find myself, and I’m planning to stay awhile. I’m slowly adapting to the internet world, immersing myself in the merry madness of it all. I’m even giving away free books on amazon, one at a time. This next five days my first fictional memoir is FREE at amazon – fictional but over ninety percent accurate. The title: “The Cracked Mirror – Reflections Of An Appalachian Son.” The true non-fictional brother to this book is just recently out (shamefully, 100% true): “What Happens Next? A Life’s True Tale.” These two books have seven more of my fictional books as company on amazon. For the next few weeks (for five days on amazon each week) my plan is to give away a free book.

It’s my observation that this is a great time for readers. It is also a great time for authors and writers of all genres. Possibilities are unlimited. What amazes me is the incredible talent that is among us. What utterly confounds me in my reading is discovering the things that I don’t know.

Please follow me on twitter (@brchitwood), check me out and scroll the ‘home’ page on my main website/blog at http://www.goo.gl/TeQpP. There’s a quick bio sketch and a number of links at http://www.about.me/brchitwood. I belong to the following author groups: ASMSG, IAN, AHA, and TBSU. You can browse my books at http://www.goo.gl/fuxUA or scroll down the ‘home’ page of my main website/blog (above).


9 thoughts on ““The Things I Don’t Know”

  1. Great post Billy. You are mastering many of the tech advances….links, ebooks, ect….. immersing the merry madness of it all!! I too am fascinated by spectaculars of sorts, and hey…at least you know a little about alot. I love how you cover every aspect on thoughts of things you perhaps know a little more of than really so. !! I hope to check out your books soon.!


  2. Really enjoyed this post Billy – sorry to be tardy. We all have something to give, and I think we all ‘waste’ some of our life too. But I think the world of writing is a fantastic one to be in , rich or poor, as it is a two way street – both the reader and the writer get something out of the interchange. Fantastic you are giving away some of your books. I will try and catch one. Thanks for the post.


    1. A.K.A,

      Thanks for your nice comments… On Friday, this week, March 1, 2013, one of my ‘Bailey Crane’ mysteries will be available FREE on amazon.com – Go to amazon – Books – Put in this title: A SOUL DEFILED – A BAILEY CRANE MYSTERY . This is the fifth book in the 5-book series. Wishing you well.

      Billy Ray


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