A Friend On A Cot

       There is this compelling need within me to record and share some of the emotions and thoughts during a visit to a small medical clinic and a friend on a cot… Ruben has diabetes. While hiking on Sonora’s Pinacate volcanic range (where the astronauts trained for the ‘Moon Landing’) he fell on some rocks […]

Linda Howard Urbach – Someone You Must Know

    Linda Howard Urbach is someone you will want to know, to follow, and to delight in her amusing blog interviews. Linda has two twitter accounts: @BovarysDaughter and @LindaUrbach. Her blog sites are:   http://www.madamebovarysdaughter.com  and  http://www.bovaryblog.com. Aside from writing books, Linda is the founder of ‘MoMoirs Writing Workshops for Moms.’ She is a busy lady not […]


    Before I proceed to my ‘TAG” business, I would like to pay my special respect and say a big ‘Thank You’ to A. K. Andrew (@artyyah on Twitter) for nominating me for the “Beautiful Blogger Award.’ This delightful person put no responsibility to the nomination. Readers are invited to visit A.K. at http://akandrew.com and […]

Matching And Mixing – World Anomaly

       A lucky man I have been. A lucky man I am. I get to be old now and watch the rest of the world in a blur of uncertainty, unrest, unified, and not unified. With all my mistakes upon this spiraling speck of universe, with all my unfulfilled dreams and wishes, with all the […]