The Sea And Me

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This old guy – that would be, me – is feeling some familiar aching but also some semblance of hope and well-being. That big old Sea out my window has a lot to do with that last part. All in all, life has treated me fairly and squarely and I’m a pretty lucky fella.

We can all be devastated at times, when those ugly events hit us, like a simple marathon turning into a terrorist plot, panic and pain, like a tradition turning into another date to remember a tragedy caused by people who find it easy to hate and to kill. A tragedy can chip away at our hearts and our hopes, and it’s terribly difficult to write about. All life is precious to most of us, and we can’t quite process the minds that come up with the acts of terror. Like so many of you, I’ll grieve for the eight-year old boy who died. I’ll grieve for the boy’s sister who lost her legs. I’ll grieve for the mother of the two who suffered brain trauma. I’ll grieve for all those maimed and seriously damaged by this act of terror. I’ll think of it as another surreal event to add to our sad days of remembrance. I’ll spend some time wondering why it had to happen. I’ll do what most of us will do, care and grieve. I’ll be reminded as I so often am of an ‘Anon’ saying: “Life is really simple… People insist on making it complicated.” Now, I guess I could throw out some Mark Twain gems as well – he surely knew how to simply define some of our worst moments and some of our critters (politicians and otherwise!).

Guess I’m going to the Sea outside my window and that wide pale blue sky. It gives me some peace and deliverance. It makes me think about a lot of things, like, maybe, all this good and evil is going to be with us through life. It makes me think that just maybe there’s something good coming down the road on a day we least expect it, maybe something really good that some of us can’t really wrap our minds around too well, maybe something that will make all the hurt and the pain go away. Guess that’s what this big old Sea is trying to tell me. At least, it seems the only place I can go to lessen by a few degrees this latest human evil.

Wish there was some way to share some of this beauty and perhaps diminish some of those bad feelings you’re having now. But, then, maybe you, too, have a Sea, an Ocean, a mountain, a meadow, or a desert that can give you some peace.

For me, it’s this big blue-green Sea, this wide pale blue sky, the constant Sun, and this abiding faith that all we do, all we witness, good and bad, will make some sense at some incredible moment in the total arc of our time on this planet.

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6 thoughts on “The Sea And Me

  1. It’s been a rough week, Billy Ray. Horrific events do chip away at our collective humanity, but overall, there is still more beauty and good in the world than there is bad. It will be a sad day if I ever stop believing this.

    Thanks for writing,

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    1. Thanks, Eden, for your good words. It delights me when I see correspondence from you. I shall continue to tap out my simple words — they do give me some release. Down south, as a child, I heard such ‘salty’ words as these: “Now, youngen, you listen and you listen good…” Here where the dots continue I would add for you, “keep writing from that special place inside you.” Always so good hearing from you. Good weekend coming up for you — I can feel it! 🙂


  2. I understand completely, Billy Ray. The ocean has a way of clearing out thoughts and giving us the ‘big picture’ when we’re locked in thoughts of tragedy. Keep that ocean close and enjoy it’s beauty 😀

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    1. I’m so tardy in responding, Dianne – just bad administration on my part. However, any day I hear from you is a good day! Thanks for understanding and my very best to you and your family… Keep problems small at the RUC and at a bare minimum.


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