Different Shades Of Reality

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Looking down from a skyscraper in New Your City, the people look so small, as puppets moving on a giant invisible string. The cars, taxis, trucks, and buses crawl along like toys in a make-believe gift set. From this height a small body stops to look into a window filled with miniature pieces. Two bodies emerge from a taxi, met by a doorman, and are ushered into a hotel or ritzy apartment complex. All movements seem surreal from this lofty perch, and I’m all alone up here for my mind to imagine and scheme all sorts of life plots. What if I were higher, unable to see any movements, only able in my quasi-existential being to know that these puppets and toys are there and are continuing their movements? The mind ploy thickens.

We each see the working of our world in different shades of reality. We are similar in ways, dissimilar in others. We believe in a Deity. We are agnostic or claim to be atheist. We like a political party for that or this reason. We are truly who we say we are. We wear masks to hide what really abides inside of us. We contradict ourselves. We say exactly what we mean. We are habitual and predictable. We are wisps in the wind and simply go with the whims of our emotions. We convince ourselves that we are the masters of our own fates. We are filled with doubt and frightening scenarios in our existence… We are all these things, and, more.

From so high a Lofty Perch are our lives being controlled? Are we the puppets on a string? Is each of us performing an act that must play out before we become too obsolete to perform any longer? How can any one of us, any group of us, know with certainty the meaning of our time on this rotating orb we call Earth? We are filled with action to go and do marvelous deeds. We are timid and without any sort of resolve. We are violent and we are peacemakers. We are Saints and we are Satans…

So I awake from this silly dream, this exercise in futility, and find that I need to find for me a point to it all! ‘Cogito ergo sum’ works well enough, but I know somehow that, to keep going, I must keep dreaming, keep believing that something Wonderful got me here and will take me to where it is I’m supposed to go when the time is right. Yes, I am a man of Faith, a man who believes that puppet Master is up there pulling my strings, giving me my role to play out, just as He gives similar and dissimilar roles to us all. Some of us need my kind of role to keep sanity – it is the only role that I can play. For those given other roles, how can I truly say you are playing the bad role? How can you say that I am playing the bad role?

Thus we walk among each other in our different shades of reality.

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6 thoughts on “Different Shades Of Reality

  1. Kris Kristofferson has a line in a song, ‘He’s a walking contradiction – partly truth, partly fiction’ and this reminded me of your thoughts from the skyscraper – we are certainly all different shades and that’s what makes this world so wonderful 😀


    1. So true, dear lady of the RUC! Hope all is especially good for you and yours. Your posts are delightful as are your books – I’m working on them between the SN maintenance and writing… Most already know you are a master wordsmith – I know it as well. I’m particularly keen on reading your book about the plagiarist lady author who must write her kidnapper’s life story to stay alive… Always my best… 🙂


    1. Thank you. You honor me… However, I’m already the recipient of the ‘Very Inspiring Blogger Award’… Just a side note: I did not understand your comment on my g-mail account – something about ‘shades of reality’ (I did a post with that title some weeks back). In any event, wishing you much success in all your endeavors.


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