The Cumberland Plateau

Julie, our anxious cat ‘George,’ and I have arrived at our new home on ‘The Cumberland Plateau’ in Tennessee…have a taste:         Thomas Wolfe wrote many years ago a novel, “You Can’t Go Home Again.” So long ago my birth, my childhood, and my teen years opened the biography book of my living. […]

‘Waiting’ By The Seashore

If one must wait for an event to happen, what better place than a blue sun-filled sky and the beautiful Sea of Cortez? My wife and I are moving to Tennessee and should have left already. A last minute glitch at the Tennessee end has caused a delay, meaning, of course, that disgusting Murphy fellow […]

Award Time

One has to take time to acknowledge an award nomination. So, I am. I’m in the midst of a move to Tennessee from the beautiful Sea of Cortez, but I did want to take the time to acknowledge a nomination I received recently. The image for this award should be displayed on my blog site:  […]

A Wanderlust Brief!

A Wanderlust Brief! I’m off again! Leaving the Sea of Cortez for the hills of Tennessee — it’s a rather common anomaly, this wanderlust thing that courses through the veins along with the blood. My wife, sweet Julie Anne, would still be content in that first house of many we’ve had, but she is such […]