A Wise And Witty Lady


Her name is Linda Urbach aka Linda Howard and if you are a reader who enjoys wisdom and wit in the books and passages over which you hover, you must read the blogs and the books by this exceptional author. To use a phrase that might seem time-worn, she is truly ‘the real thing’. Please visit the sites shown at the end of this post.

Linda’s latest blog post, Booking Bad: Author’s Shameless Use of Her Terminal Cancer to Promote Her Novels, gives you a glimpse of that wisdom and wit, plus some heart undercurrents you cannot help but feel – http://goo.gl/fPY55p. The blog is true Linda Howard Urbach, one of the premier authors of our time. Whether her books are written under Linda Urbach or Linda Howard, you will find lively prose, characters, and plots that will keep you riveted to the pages.

Madame Bovary’s Daughter: A Novel (http://goo.gl/XCu7bJ, written under Linda Urbach, is a masterpiece of writing which goes back to the book by Gustave Flaubert’s classic, Madame Bovary and imagines the answer to whatever happened to Emma Bovary’s orphaned daughter. Here’s amazon’s brief description:

One year after her mother’s suicide and just one day after her father’s brokenhearted demise, twelve-year-old Berthe Bovary is sent to live on her grandmother’s impoverished farm. Amid the beauty of the French countryside, Berthe models for the painter Jean-François Millet, but fate has more in store for her than a quiet life of simple pleasures. Berthe’s determination to rise above her mother’s scandalous past will take her from the dangerous cotton mills of Lille to a convent in Rouen to the wealth and glamour of nineteenth-century Paris. There, as an apprentice to famed fashion designer Charles Frederick Worth, Berthe is ushered into the high society of which she once only dreamed. But even as the praise for her couture gowns steadily rises, she still yearns for the one thing her mother never had: the love of someone she loves in return.

After reading this book, you will want more books from this exquisite writer, in which case you go to: http://goo.gl/58gwJE where you will find her other titles under Linda Urbach and Linda Howard.

I’ve wanted to do a post about this fascinating lady for some time. In moving back to Tennessee from the Sea of Cortez and other time consuming matters, it was simply delayed. Her blog post which I just read today (referenced above) gave me the impetus to forego other posts and write this one.

I have never personally met Linda, only the pleasure of corresponding with her over the months. In all I’ve read by this lady, her magnificent mastery with words shines most clearly. The wisdom and wit to which I keep referring is in each line she writes. The post she wrote today touched me most deeply and on many levels, not only the gallantry she shows in handling the ‘episodes’ of which she writes, but of an indomitable spirit that can seem in short supply these days. Please find time for this lady in your reading life. Read the blogs in her archives. Read her books. You will find a most endearing companion to take along on your life’s journey.

Follow Linda on Twitter: @LindaUrbach and @mylittlepubco

Visit Linda’s website: http://lindaurbach.com


You can find me at: http://billyraychitwood.weebly.com and http://goo.gl/fuxUA

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