The Beauty That Is NevaeH


The Beauty That Is NevaeH  

 The radio signals become a source of pleasure for the NevaeH inhabitants. It is not a malicious but a gratifying and mystically satisfying pleasure. The NevaeHens know a great secret which the senders of radio signals cannot know.

NevaeH is a parallel world where life is eternal and all of the inhabitants live by their genetic codes. The genetic codes are absent any negative strains. The NevaeHens have all the features of humans. They live in houses on lovely tree-lined gilded streets with no pot holes. They eat, drink, and have amusements. They work and earn consumption points based on their proclivity and inherited traits. There are friendly and unbiased competitions in the work place, promotions given on proven goals achievement. All sectors of the economy are based on societal needs. There are no medical necessities, ergo, no practicing doctors and nurses. All inhabitants speak and absorb any new language.  It is one world, one country, one state, one organizational chart, and many cities.

The only governance is by municipality, one eternal governor for each, and there is no tax system. There are frequently fresh and sufficient allotments of consumption points for each inhabitant based on registered needs which can be altered due to vocational changes. There is no guilt. There is no jealousy. As stated previously, there are no negative strains. There are no ‘seven deadly sins’ and harmony rules the days and nights.

There is a Sun. There is a Moon. Days and nights come without calendars to mark them as there is no orbital sweep to count the hours, days, months, and years. Eternity needs not a calendar. The climate is always mild. Free time is spent cloud-blowing, golfing, sweat-less running, swimming, walking, and by viewing earth comedies available on every picture window in every house on every lovely tree-lined gilded street.

The enjoyment and laughter of Earth Comedies come from the human impulses to rush toward greed and power and from the fact that so soon it is all over for the humans. The Earth experiment was engaged to determine replication factors on NevaeH, a test to determine consumption factors. So many humans have failed and some have done very well on the test.

So, new arrivals come to NevaeH from the spinning test-orb known as Earth, all earthly nationalities, creed, color, males, females, all ages, and they are processed through a large central clearance facility known as SILLE (Selected Interns Last Living on Earth). Because new arrivals to NevaeH arrive in their soul-forms, they must be data-typed for body forms, neutralized with special spiritual scanners and sent to chosen cities, based on individual choice…desert, mountains, seashore, urban, rural. In simple terms, the purest form of replication is used in recognition of previous earthly friends and relatives that facilitates municipal moves. Children and babies are placed selectively with their own parents, assuming a common accident took the lives of all family members, or, they are placed with couples who have such preferences.

Unfortunately, there are no early applications or registration for the Earth human, but from one reliable source who prematurely ventured into the fringe light of NevaeH, this advice to Earthlings is given:

Be not afraid of death on Earth or be disturbed by the current experiment. All earthlings will one day find their peace on NevaeH… Some will definitely have to wait longer than others to reach the SILLE Central Clearing. Obviously, those who do better on the test will be in the highest order of replication and reward.

There is one last caveat given by our reliable source: given the large ‘waiting list’ for NevaeH, the better one does on Earth can move them up the list… Those who commit vile crimes, those who by their actions cause wars and destruction, those who defile the sanctity of childhood, all evil doers are at the bottom of the ‘waiting list’ and will be the last to arrive on NevaeH.

No information can be given that speaks to location and rehabilitation duration periods of the above mentioned ‘waiting list’ and to governance factors on NevaeH, except for obvious data already given. 


6 thoughts on “The Beauty That Is NevaeH

  1. NevaeH might be the place to go if our government doesn’t start making some changes.:) I’m hoping you’ll post some photos of your lovely view once the leaves begin to change. Have a great week, Billy!


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