Complaining Comes Easy

Complaining Comes Easy


Seems it’s always a good time to complain about the government, one side or another, whether it be the war in Afghanistan, the year-ago Benghazi raid, Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Syria and weapons of mass destruction…leaving aside the more mundane complaints on the economy and everyday domestic living. Politics, a rather historically ugly business, just might be at an all time high in the area of complaints. Choose your side and go for it.


If you’re a democrat, you are complaining about the republicans throwing obstructive stones into the government machinery…delaying yet again a debt ceiling hike that will keep all systems afloat and the credit-rating bogeyman away…being divisive and ornery about Obama Care by asking for a delay in funding…using uncivil and deceptive tactics for political gains in the 2014 elections…uncaring about the needy and the poor folks among us who need help…only interested in the corporations and wealthy Americans…so on and so on.


If you’re a republican, you are complaining about the democrats building constituency points…catering to certain groups to build their base under false promises…bankrupting the nation with irresponsible redistribution of wealth…taking away incentive of business investments and entrepreneurs to forge ahead and create new jobs in a private enterprise system…creating a mammoth healthcare bill that is uniformly unmanageable and easily the most unintelligible mass of obscure legislation ever created…defying or otherwise skirting constitutional safeguards with executive orders…closing down national parks and stopping payments to widowed families of our fallen military…about a president who is always campaigning and has no time for negotiations and governing… so on and so on.


I should mention, too, the millions of people who go to work each day and have not the time to keep up with these affairs of government, yet are affected by the decisions that are made by our leaders. They are busy with their jobs and only hear the sound bites of the media and others who claim knowledge on the issues. In their way, they complain as well, to the extent of their understanding.


As for me, politics and religion are subjects better avoided because they are subjects that draw too much ire and bellicosity. But, what the heck! I’ll show some bias here in my more or less conservative leaning – ‘more or less’ because it was my hope that President Obama was perhaps going to make a difference when he was first elected five years ago with his voice of ‘change’. It is my feeling now, based on this divisiveness in our government, that Mr. Obama seems to be an extraordinary campaigner and orator but does very little in governing. In my opinion, he has reneged on his ‘change’ promises. After all, in almost five years, one would expect so much more from a leader than his landmark legacy ‘Obama Care’ with all of its massive bureaucratic details and expense. In fact, it amazes me that this president still enchants so many people, citizens and media alike… Surely, an NBA or NFL coach would be looking for work at this point in time.


Perhaps it’s the ‘entitlement’ personality of this man which in many ways is noble. We all want to help from government revenues those among us who really need assistance, the disabled, the aged, and the homeless. If that were not the case, uncaring ogres would be members of both parties. What seems to be missing is an oversight metric for all the entitlement spending by our government, some way to determine fraud and easy manipulation. Maybe it’s too expensive to administer and/or maybe we’ve just made it too simple a process to steal from our treasury.


Perhaps it’s the perceived charm and wit of the man. The President is most glib, effortless in his oratory and rhetoric, easily liked, and convinced he is right in his mindset for our country and the world. He has no apparent desire to negotiate with his adversaries on the right and seems always to be in a ‘campaign mode’, seemingly out of earshot of what the majority of Americans are saying about some of his near socialist views.


What I do know is that in all my years through our wars, victories, and inherent problems I have never seen the country so volatile, so angry, and so seemingly divided. What I do know is that our United States is still the most charitable and the most noble country on earth and it concerns me greatly that our world standing appears severely diminished. We are fighting a war against terror, a war that brings a monstrous and ugly new face to our enemy.


Of what I’m not aware are the top secret avenues our President and politicians must go down, the many security factors that must be considered, without the general public knowing the specifics. Of what I’m not aware would fill volumes of books, so all I have to share are my general thoughts on the politics of our day, my perceptions of how our government is tending to business. At this moment in time I’m not terribly impressed. I admit that I lean toward less government in my face, a strong military, a state of the art security system for the protection of our people, new and stronger educational goals that fit better the needs of the twenty-first century, and an economic engine driven by our private sector where experience, incentive, and vitality live.


Hey, I’m an old man! I just learned recently that millions of asteroids are out there in space, huge ones and little ones, and one could come screaming into our atmosphere tomorrow or next millennium and make all of my amateurish observations above much less than meaningful.


On that doomful note I take my leave… It’s time for lunch…


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