How Will I find You?

Thinking one day of my mortality and the next dimension, my thoughts turned to Julie, my wife, my love, and how I would find her there in the land that only the soul can know. These are the words that came to me:


How Will I Find You?

 There in the light blue sky

Where I look for your face

In the soft white puff of cloud?

 There in the empty chair

Where you once quietly sat

In the room of my solitude?

 There in the now barren garden

Where I once watched you

Kneeling, planting your seeds?

 There along the pristine beach

Where we collected sea glass

Among the gulls and shells?

 Where will you be when I am

In the shadows of tomorrow

A man lost in youth’s sorrow?

 How will I find you, my love

Knowing not where to look

In such a strange new world?

 When my timid spirit wavers 

There in that unknown land

How will you return to me?

 In the darkness that is death

What is God’s demand of me

To atone for sins of life?

 Why does this most peculiar

Etching of words play so

Strongly upon my defiled soul?

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16 thoughts on “How Will I find You?

    1. Natural thoughts here in my space, buddy, but life is still good. Don’t be sad. A friend of mine once wrote in a book of narrative verse – “Hell’s Music” (after his return from the Korean War): “…it is dark to die and I fear that I still wish to be…” The book was about two buddies in a Korean fox-hole, facing death as a possibility…my friend and a GI comrade.
      Always my best, dear friend.


    1. All part of this wonderful quaking existence, good Timothy. Life is good here in Tennessee. Some of our kids and grandkids arrive tomorrow for Thanksgiving. Wishing you, Renni, and Gentry a HAPPY BIRD day!


    1. So very kind of you, Kilt-man and friend. Wishing you always the best in life. I so enjoy your blog posts – always informative, irreverently jolly, and refreshingly satisfying…the BEST.

      Completely off-subject, but do you happen to be a movie goer? The kids and grandkids were here for Thanksgiving and they brought the movie, “The Impossible” (a true story about a Thailand Tsunami) starring Naomi Watts and Ewan McGregor… It was a powerful piece of acting by all. With English actors, thought you might be interested – although I realize the historic hostility which still exists between you Scots and my English cousins 🙂 (my roots go back to a hamlet called Chetwode in Buckinghamshire).

      Yeez keep the posts coming – I luv’em! Hi to Mabel…


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