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In a matter of weeks my eleventh book, Joe Public’s Political Perspective, will be for sale on and Joe Public’s Political Perspective is non-fiction and provides me the space to lament over our current government’s ineptitude – as I see it!

The book, of course, will have a conservative flavor to it, a taste that will not set too well on the palates of some. So, why did I write a ‘rant and rave’ 32,000 word piece of political perceptions? There are several reasons… It is a right granted to me by my country’s sacred document, The Constitution of the United States – my freedom of speech. It is, I suppose, an attempt on my part as a citizen of the United States to voice opinions on the direction I see our country going. I write it as well for my children, my grandchildren, and those who follow. I want them to know how I felt at this time in our country’s history. Will Joe Public’s Political Perspective be read and have any meaning for anyone other than my family and friends? Obviously, I hope so, and I do know that Politics awakens sleeping giants, people who will hate me, maybe even love me. Since so little civility has been shown by certain members of our power elite in government, I decided, to leave a good part of mine off the table as well.

The thing is, I happen to love this great country of ours and felt it a duty to voice my concerns. Other than modestly and subtly I’ve never ventured so far as does Joe Public’s Political Perspective. Now, I brave the elements and venture into the forest of political minds, ready to have my simple words of common sense possibly jeered or praised by the political analysts and pundits that crowd our television channels…should my words reach such lofty heights. I’m at an age where it shouldn’t matter so much what anyone thinks of me or my writing, but it does. It matters that we don’t seem to learn from History, one of our greatest learning tools. It matters that we citizens are being deceived and our hard-earned monies spent in risky explorations.

Joe Public’s Political Perspective is a book that covers some current issues that are important to us all, not in a broad and complex way, rather in simple concise language that I believe speaks for the majority of people in the United States – and perhaps beyond. The book will cover the current health care law, the economy, education, the war on terrorism, religions and religious fanatics, secular progressives, the president, the congress, among other things.

It is my hope that you buy the book, read it, agree, disagree, hate me or love me. 🙂

Joe Public’s Political Perspective will also have expanded distribution to: Bookstores and Online Retailers – CreateSpace Direct – Libraries and Academic Institutions as well as standard distribution to – Amazon Europe – CreateSpace eStore

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12 thoughts on “Joe Public’s Political Perspective

    1. You’re the man! Sure hope my words do not offend you in any political way. Luv ya, guy! Hope your “Wannabe Distance God…” is jumping off the proverbial shelves – it should because it is that great! Always my best, to you, Renni, and Gentry.


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