Blue Sky Rumination



Blue Sky Rumination

(Trust me, it’s blue!)

Here on the Cumberland Plateau, there were thunderstorms last night and a prolonged lightning display. My wife and I stayed calm, watched the vivid display through our large great room windows while our television provided the figure skating competition at the Sochi Winter Olympics… Our rather fearless and stoic acceptance of Mother Nature’s light fury and rain came with the acknowledgement that, at our ages, there was ‘nothing to fear but fear itself.’

At dawn came a beautiful blue sky and sunshine, and, after my customary chamomile tea and raisin bran cereal I retired upstairs to my desk and writing area. When the social networking chores were done (really, are they ever done?) I thought about the writing of my blog post for the week. Somehow my mood was bright like the day outside, but the mind was lethargic and determined to betray me of any colossal ideas… Of course, the sleeping pill I took at bedtime would no doubt account for some of the torpidity.

So, I sat and let the mind do its slow meandering…my twelfth book was awaiting my return to its saved spot on ‘Word’…the post had to be written…the beetle invasion was still with us (ladybugs) and we didn’t want to kill them…lazy memories floated across the gray matter…

Suddenly, I heard the electronic gadget beeping, announcing that someone or something passed the sensor on a tree that lines our driveway. I rose and went to the windows some few feet away in my office area which provide perfect views of the winter-barren forest of hardwood trees and our long driveway from the main road. Behold! There were three beautiful deer, one on the driveway and two foraging among the trees. One deer in the trees stared at me standing at the windows, and I smiled and inanely waved to show the doe that she was welcome – and that I prayed one of the hunters would not be chasing her down.

At the same time, our mailman drove down the driveway to deliver a package of some sort. Julie went out to greet him and teasingly chastise him for chasing our deer away. As the doe dashed into the density of forest my short commune with nature ended as quickly as it begun.

Back at my desk to that contemplative and lazy wandering of the mind I decided to describe the beginning of my day to the good folks who read my blog. For a moment I was held bound by another thought…how nature with its weather and its wildlife can dictate a message from a higher order: no matter the day, the night, the mood, our lives exist not in some meaningless spinning orb but each in its own way is like a metaphysical piece of an eternal puzzle.   

With that significant message I’m back to my writing Book 6 of ‘The Bailey Crane Mystery Series’.

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12 thoughts on “Blue Sky Rumination

  1. Very vivid writing, Bill. What a difference in scenery from your penthouse in Rocky Point! It’s so obvious that you love to write. I dig that.


  2. Wow! Spectacular photo, Billy! I thought about you when the storms were hitting TN. My sister is in Nashville and the tornado sirens were going off all around them.
    I got a chuckle by your comment about the ‘social networking chores.’ No, I don’t think they’re ever done. Glad you’re safe!


    1. Your sister in Nashville likely got more than we did from the storm…approximately 2 hours from us. The tornado ‘watch’ for us never became a ‘warning.’ Thanks for your concerns… The SN stuff is never done! Always good to hear from you.


    1. The deer are frequent visitors, Dianne, and they are absolutely beautiful! While I appreciate the reason for hunting season on the deer it saddens me that such lovely creatures must die die for food and sport. Thanks for your kind words, dear lady.


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