Some Notes On My Writing

Some Notes on My Writing Words have always fascinated me, individually and the way they can be strung together. For me there’s a certain magic that takes place when I write something that brings echoes from the soul, brings tears or makes me laugh. Writing a blog or a book is an incredible adventure of […]

The Essence of Faith

The Essence of Faith The freshly painted clapboard church sat near a small creek, its white purity glorified by the neatly trimmed hedges surrounding it and the smell of newly mowed grass. The four big oak trees on the church property added a symmetrical elegance to the pastoral scene. Four Oaks Baptist Church, lined up […]

We Got a Lot of Class

We Got a Lot of Class There are so many of us who carry through life certain angst, anxieties, doubts, emotional experiences, and guilt. If there was truly a way to quantify these feelings the numbers might shock us, or, at least, give us a better sense of the world in which we live. These […]

Love and Consequence

Love and Consequence “Action! Camera!” the director bellowed through the megaphone. The two actors stared each into the other’s eyes for some seconds. Finally, the male actor spoke: “What am I to do, Penny? These corny words are not the words I wish to speak to you…” “Cut!” yelled the Director, Simon Foxwright, lifting his […]

Stepping Into The Future

Stepping Into the Future It is theory at the moment, but I’m thinking this nanotechnology and nanorobotics thing I’ve read about is exciting. Some are saying it is likely and could possibly be viable in the 2020s for medical procedures, and, wait for it, the extension of life. Number one, what is it, exactly? Well, […]