Nancy Joan – In Memoriam

Nancy Joan – In Memoriam The family called her Nickie. Nancy Joan “Nickie” is the little beauty on the right in the old grainy photo. The little beauty on the left is now my wife, Julie Anne. The handsome fellow in the picture is the father and my sorely missed dear friend and bridge partner. […]

Decisions, Decisions!

 Decisions, Decisions! Chocolate or Vanilla? Baked potatoes or French Fries? Movie out or Television at home? Go or stay? Read or Write? Decisions, Decisions! At times, family and individual decisions are made with ease and nonchalance, simple no-brainer reflexes. These are generally minor decisions quickly acceptable to those concerned. Other decisions, major in their circumstance […]

A Little Boy Searching

A Little Boy Searching “Why does a leaf fall off the tree, Daddy?” asked the sandy-haired kid trailing his father as he raked leaves from the ground. “It’s a leaf’s time to die and fall from the trees, Andy. It’s the season,” the young father responded as he continued to rake the brown crisp fallings. […]

Who Am I?

Who Am I? Who am I? Not a terribly original question, perhaps one that is often asked over the course of one’s life. What got me to thinking about the question are the genres in which I write my books – mystery (some inspired by true events), romance, bio/memoir, political thought. So much of my […]