Meet Author Billy Ray Chitwood


Meet Author, Billy Ray Chitwood

NEW BOOK COMING: Mid-July, 2014

A Common Evil – A Bailey Crane Mystery

[The following comments from a husband standing behind his wife as she reads a blog post]

“Okay, know what I’m thinking… I would never read an author who can’t get a bowtie correctly in place on his tuxedo.

“My next thought is… What’s the guy doing in a tuxedo? Authors don’t make the kind of money to be wearing tuxedos. They walk around in smelly shoes, jeans, and soiled t-shirts. This guy’s after something… Got to be careful here!

“Look at the guy! He’s got a smug know-it-all half-smile and bags under his eyes – probably an alcoholic or an insomniac. He’s looking like he’s God’s gift to literature! Give me a break. These author-people – what? Maybe a hundred million of them? And they all think they can sneak up on us with their words and phrases, make us fans, pay enormous prices for their fancy-covered books, and make them millionaires.

“What! The guy’s written twelve books… I’ve played Texas Hold’em twelve times and won one hundred grand. Big freaking deal!

“Six books in his ‘Bailey Crane Mystery Series’ and he’s saying some of them are inspired by true events… Yeah, I’m sure! His new book: A Common Evil… what kind of title is that for a book? Supposed to turn us on? The guy knows the world thrives on murder and mayhem – he’s likely trying for a movie deal. Hey, he’s got a chance! It’s about murder and Mexican cartels. They’re in the news.

“The guy’s even written a romance novel, two more mysteries, two memoirs, and a political rant and rave… Bet money the guy’s a right-wing zealot! He just looks the type. Ah, he is, see what he says right there?”

Finally, the wife has had it. “Will you finish your diatribe? I happen to like this author’s writing style and I find what he has to say very interesting. Go slobber down another beer, Fred. At least, that will keep you in the bathroom most of the evening.”

“Touchy, touchy, Wilma! So, one question before I leave you alone… What’s this guy’s writing style you’re so excited about?”

“Would not expect you to understand, Fred, but I’ll try… His style embodies the elements I like in writing. He’s not convoluted in his plots. He is not afraid to show his emotional side and he loves his wife. He stays focused on his plot but muses about life’s idiosyncratic turns and twists, and I suspect he puts quite a lot of himself into his books. He is in some ways a polymath.”

“Well, if you’re going to use your big words, I’m outta here. Let me know when the author has left the room.”

Billy Ray Chitwood – June 19, 2014

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11 thoughts on “Meet Author Billy Ray Chitwood

  1. Thanks for the morning pick-me-up, Bill. I’m sooo enjoying my advance copy of “A common Evil.” I’m past the attack on the villa and now the cartel may be after BC. Ominous!


  2. I can sympathize with you Billy Ray; I know exactly what you are going through at the moment with only a couple of weeks left until your book is launched. So many things to do, and everything has to be done more or less at the same time. I hope it all comes together for and that the book is a success.


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