Meet My Main Character Blog Tour – Bailey Crane

Meet my Main Character Blog Tour – Bailey Crane


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I’ve been tagged by the always effervescent lady (never knew her when she ‘effervuscent’!), Eden Baylee,, to partake in a blog tour involving my main character.

THE RULES ARE SIMPLE: I must answer seven (7) questions about the main character in one of my novels. Then, I nominate five (5) authors to answer the same seven (7) questions about the main character in one of their novels. Mention the person who nominated you.

Here’s the link to Eden’s main character in Stranger at  Kate Hampton – quite the lady! I’ve read the book and it’s a humdinger! (Okay, mark it up to aging!) I once dated women like Kate – minus certain qualities! Suffice, Kate is beautiful, amazing, and, well, Eden has already described her. BUY SITE for Stranger at Sunset:

* * * *

Here are the answers to the seven (7) questions about Bailey Crane, my main character in A Common Evilthe sixth and final book of my ‘Bailey Crane Mystery Series’.

1. Tell us a little about this main character. Is he fictional or a historic person?

He is fictional and controls the narrative in all six of the ‘Bailey Crane Mysteries’.

2. When and where is the story – A Common Evil – set?

The story is set in nostalgic old Mexico along the Sea of Cortez – 2014.

3. What should we know about him? 

Bailey Crane is an ex-cop, among other things. He muses about his life, loves, mistakes, successes, and, of course, the critical criminal matters at hand. He is also married to an ex-cop, Wendy, and she is his ‘port in the storm’. AND, there are some similarities to the author.

4. What is the main conflict? What messes up his life?

Bailey’s main conflict in A Common Evil has to do with the Mexican cartel, his wife’s kidnapping, and a dubious death.

5. What is his personal goal?

Bailey’s personal goal is to find his kidnapped wife, restore sanity to his fun and sun life, and to efficiently run the HOA of the resort in which Wendy and he live.

6. What are the titles of your novels, and where can we read more about them?

You can find my twelve titles at my website – (Just read the bio and scan down the ‘Home Page’.)

The titles of the ‘Bailey Crane Novels’: (1) An Arizona tragedy (Brutal murder Inspired by truth!) – (2) Satan’s Song (Inspired by some truth!) – (3) The Brutus Gate – (4) Murder in Pueblo del Mar (Inspired by a true homicide of a US wife and mother from Arizona) – (5) A Soul Defiled – (6) A Common Evil (NEW! Inspired by some truth).

Aside from the ‘Bailey Crane Books’, there are these books — (7) The Cracked Mirror – Reflections of an Appalachian Son (A memoir!) – (8) Butterflies and Jellybeans – A Love Story (A romance novel with suspense!) – (9) Mama’s Madness (Inspired by true events!) – (10) The Reluctant Savage (Mystery, suspense, romance!) – (11) Joe Public’s Political Perspective (I had to open my mouth!) – (12) What Happens Next? A Life’s True Tale (An embarrassing memoir!)

7. When can we expect your next book to be published?

Sometime late this year or early 2015 – a historically accurate and fictional novel about my grandfather who migrated to the United States from Bern, Switzerland – My grandfather was a saint, but there were some ugly things (like murders and suicides) happening around his life.


Now I’ll nominate (tag) five other authors. All of them are terrific writers, so please visit them and give their books a read.

John Dolan, author of A Poison Tree, book 3 of his ‘Time, Blood and Karma Series’ – and Twitter @JohnDolanAuthor

Carmen Amato, author of Diablo Nights and other ‘Emilia Cruz’ detective novels – and Twitter @CarmenConnects

Dianne Gray, author of Soul’s Child and other most notable books – and Twitter @Zigotide

Jeff Joseph, author of Pursued, sequel to A Novel Obsession – and Twitter @author_jeff

E. B. Sullivan, author of Different Hearts and Bloom Forevermore and Twitter @EBSullivan1

 * * *

My best wishes to all.

(NOTE: I’m the proud recipient of nine blog awards which I normally show on my blogs – as a requirement. With this post I’m foregoing their showing.)


6 thoughts on “Meet My Main Character Blog Tour – Bailey Crane

  1. It was great learning about Bailey Crane in your words Billy Ray, but then … I read A Common Evil, so I had some inkling of what a rascal he was, heh

    Thank you for picking up the baton and running with it. I’m not sure anyone has EVER called me ‘effervescent.’ As a matter of fact, I’m SURE no one has. I think I like it as long as you don’t mean I’m really gassy or full of hot air. 😉



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