Forever Youth

Forever Youth Bradley Holden waxed eloquently about the gray dimpled pill he held between his thumb and fore finger… The two men were sitting harbor-side on Pelican Landing in a back private corner of the Men’s Grill at the Peninsula Country Club. The day was sunny and bright as they occasionally glanced out the great […]

Follow Me

Follow Me “Follow me!” the voice was gentle, soft, and somehow compelling. The lovely lady with blue eyes and long waves of golden hair blinked in her drowsy state. Shelley slowly opened widely her eyes and rose from the hammock on the hill near the big house. A few trees dotted the landscape on the […]

From Where I Sit

From Where I Sit Fingers poised over the laptop, looking out across the valley at the far bluff and horizon, how can there be any evil in the world? The silent serenity through that large window encompasses all and sweetly softens my senses. The leaves on the trees, regal and tall, stir not a whisper. […]