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From Here To There

My life is a history of mobility…from the restless spirit nestled somewhere in my mystifying DNA, transported there from two young restless parents searching for themselves in the confusion and poverty of their lives. Divorce would be inevitable and moves hither and yon would become commonplace…

No, this post is not to be a self-indulgent recant of my youth and how I came to be who I am. Well, perhaps it will seem enough so to allow for that conclusion. Everyone has been somewhere! Everyone has their ‘raison d’etre’.

There are two reasons for this post: 1) to provide some reasons for my social network inactivity – for those who might care; 2) to share the hectic two weeks that have passed.

Number one is easily handled by by the frenetic bustle of my life and my wife’s life the past two weeks.

Over a year ago Julie Anne and I moved from the Sea of Cortez in Mexico to my home state of Tennessee…wanted to test the essence of Thomas Wolfe’s book, You Can’t Go Home Again. We settled into a huge 6000 square feet log cabin on the Cumberland Plateau…we’ve always liked a lot of space in our homes but this was somewhat ridiculous at our ages. Still, the magnificent views across the canyon to another bluff was the clincher. There for over a year I finished one novel, The Reluctant Savage, and wrote two more books, Joe Public’s Political Perspective and my sixth ‘Bailey Crane Mystery’ novel, A Common Evil. It was a lovely period, but an ‘itch’ began – that ‘restless spirit’ thing! The bluff view was awesome but there were woods surrounding us…turns out I don’t like the feeling of being enclosed or ‘treed in’.

In some manner of happenstance we found Springfield, Kentucky – the land of Lincoln, rich in history. We visited, found the small town wonderful and the people likewise. With the right portions of chance and luck we found a restored 1871 home on one of the gorgeous rolling hills and bought it – selling the Tennessee house at the same time. We have been here two weeks and absolutely love it. The local paper, The Springfield Sun (local newspaper), and Ken Begley (Columnist) has already written a wonderful article about our arrival…we knew nothing about the genesis of the article but suspect our great real estate broker, Steve Hale, of spreading the word. On Saturday, tomorrow, there is a ‘Sorghum Festival’ in town, with Main Street closed down, and that super broker Hale has arranged a book signing event for me and my twelve books.

It’s been a hectic two weeks shopping for furniture to fill a 7,000 square foot house (yep, we like ‘huge’!). Our beautiful daughter, Shelley Jean, traveled from Las Vegas, Nevada, to help Mom Julie with the shopping and decorating…we’re trying to get her and her lovely family to move here (keeping our fingers crossed!). I’ve had little time to communicate with friends and followers on the Social Network sites and to write more in my new book. Hopefully, next week, I shall be at full strength again and back to tweeting (ad naseum) and facebooking and linkedin and blogging and…

It’s my hope you will forgive my self-indulgence here…although I wrote there would be none. It is about ‘now’ and not about my ‘past’. It has truly been a tiring but fantastic two weeks!

I plan on being here for the duration, but, who knows! That infernal ‘itch’ has been part of my life for so long…

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14 thoughts on “From Here To There

  1. Gosh, you’ve moved again? And to another gorgeous home! I loved your penthouse in Mexico. Anyway, congratulations, Bill and Julie!


  2. Yowza! What a beautiful home, Billy and the grounds…magnificent! I can’t believe you moved so soon, but hey, if you don’t like the trees, you don’t like the trees.:)
    Here’s wishing you and Julie years of happiness in your new home. When is the housewarming party? 🙂


  3. Wow, you ARE a mover and a shaker, young man! Elvis had NOTHING on you. Let me wish you a wonderful stay in your new home for as long as you are there. Just enjoy the time — who knows what tomorrow brings, right?

    I am THRILLED to hear of your book signing. I only wish I could be there. Please take lots and lots of pictures, and make sure you bring a good pen 😉 You might be signing for a while and don’t want to run out of ink. 😉

    eden xox


    1. The morning of the ‘Festival’ the weather changed to cloudy, cold, and windy, keeping people on the move. However, met some good people, had some good food, and met the librarian of the town – who will be setting up another ‘signing’… Also met the county attorney — who knows when I may need him? 🙂 Great little town. So far, we love it! Going to a ‘civil war reinactment’ today in Perryville, KY – the largest CV battle the state was engaged in. Thanks for your response, sweet lady — and congrats on your book status… Champagne time! xox


  4. Congratulations on your new home, Billy Ray. I can relate to you completely regarding the constant need to move; I think that I might have been a gypsy in my last life. I hope that you and your family will be very happy in Kentucky.


  5. Congratulations indeed. I hope to hear more about the place as it sounds perfect…! And good luck with convincing your daughter to move. It sounds good to me!


    1. Thanks, dear Olga, for your response… Yes, on almost seven acres of beautiful rolling hills the place is marvelous – and a challenge! It is huge…six bedrooms, five baths in the main house, and the pool house has a bedroom and bath. I’m going ‘broke’ furnishing the place! 🙂 My wife, Julie Anne, is having a wonderful time…
      Hope you’re well, happy, and thriving!
      Billy Ray


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