Dreams and the interpretations of dreams have been discussed and written about a lot. They fascinate us and drive us nuts trying to figure their significance…and, come on, they have to mean something!

Generally, ‘dream experts’ associate dreams with sex, stress, and weird synapses. Some of us dream in black and white, some, in color, some, not so much or at all.

Me, I dream on occasion – weird stuff, impossible for my brain to make sense of it. Take last night, for example. Well, those of you who dream know that they jump all over the place and it’s rare if not impossible to find a true sequence. My early morning vision came with a pretty girl with her panties showing as she sat on a stool – I’m not a young man but that particular strip had to indicate something about my youthful days of chasing the girls. Next came my mother who was telling me she needed a new night gown… Mom’s up there with Clarence and the angels… Following that quick hit came an old attorney friend I miss dearly (he, too has been gone a few years), and I’m telling him I have to get my mother a night gown. He tells me I’ve got to get her some panties (or, being my mom, maybe bloomers) to go with the gown. Next, I’m alone in my car on the way to Mom’s house, with Ray (my late friend) trailing me in his car. Suddenly, I’m supposed to make a right turn, but, now, Ray is not behind me and the road in front of me opens into something resembling a freeway cloverleaf. So I make an illegal U-turn in very slow motion, and, as I’m finishing my turn a car with a lone driver (not Ray) pulls into a large bare earth area to my right. The guy behind the wheel is just parked there looking dark and menacingly at me. Where I should now turn left to get to my Mom’s house, there is no road…

So, enough of this craziness! I wake up, feeling blah and out of sorts, wondering what the hell all of the dream is intended to mean. I lie there and start thinking about my good friend, Ray – was he trying to tell me something (other than getting a pair of bloomers for my Mom!)? Was he letting me know that he’s thinking of me wherever he is? Was he indicating that he was waiting for me? What was Mom trying to tell me? Would she really be needing a night gown and bloomers up there in God’s Heaven? And, what about the young lady on the stool with her panties showing? Was this an indication that there’s still some sex drive left in the old tank?

How does one come to any conclusions in a dream like that? All it did was keep me from going back to sleep. All I did was lie there in Blah-Land thinking about my dear sweet Mom and my dear friend who both meant so much to me. So, instead of 7:30 to 8:30 AM ‘rise-time’ I’m up at 6:30, and my good wife (her ‘rise-time’ always between 5:00 to 6:00) wants to know why I’m goofing up her morning routine (comics, crosswords, coffee). Sullenly, I go to the laptop, check the e-mails, do my Twitter business, send out a few tweets, and await the delivery of my black coffee from Julie Anne – yeah, right, she spoils me, but I deserve it!

The dream keeps bugging me so I decide to bore my blogger friends by writing about it. Maybe they can give me some clue as to what that weird early morning dream all means…

I would only ask that those good blog buddies of mine will keep it clean in their responses! Don’t give me the ‘dirty old man’ thing, or,  ‘you have a sex problem’ thing, or, ‘you are some kind of weirdo!’ thing – we already know that! Really, though, any informed and uninformed opinions are welcome.

I rather suspect my dreams have something to do with the extraordinary wisdom I carry within me! Okay, okay, stop with the rotten tomatoes already!

Seriously, though, maybe dreams are extra-terrestrial implants, or, simple soul reminders that there is much more awaiting us after this term of mortal service ends…yeah, I kind of like that!

Just me! Billy Ray Chitwood – with another silly post! 10/16/14

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12 thoughts on “Dreams

  1. Most of the time, I can never make sense of my dreams, Billy. I think the road, or lack thereof, symbolizes your wanderlust and the dream means you’re in the home where you’re meant to stay. That’s my 10 cent analysis for what it’s worth. 🙂


  2. I feel that dreams can often be very important; however, it is not always easy to understand what they are trying to tell us. It is very easy to get caught up on one small part and miss the whole message.


  3. Funnily enough Billy Ray yours is the second dream by one of my blogger mates I’m pondering about. I don’t usually remember my dreams. I think Jill might be onto something with regards to your move, etc. No anniversaries for your mother or your friend? Sometimes those who’ve passed away seem to pop up in our dreams at particular times…On the other hand the menacing guy behind sounds as an interesting plot….


    1. You’re right, most dreams are not remembered… Some stay with us for awhile. Mom at Christmas time would sweetly buy me boxer shorts that were too large – had talked about that recently. Also talked about my attorney buddy, Ray, recently… Maybe those discussions triggered the dreams. The menacing guy? Will likely be in my next book… 🙂


  4. Dear Billy Ray … I was a studious student of Freud, whom you know, wrote the book on the Interpretation of Dreams. Much of it has since been dismissed, but I think there is a strong correlation between your dreaming of your Mom and one of your best friends. They both obviously meant a great deal to you. Perhaps your recent move has stirred up old memories of them. Maybe it signifies “coming home.”

    As for the bloomers, I tend to think it’s less a sexual reference, but more of a play on words … Bloomers can signify the process of blooming or growing. Perhaps you are finally in the prime of your life, and you’ve grown up. You are where you are meant to be.

    Can you tell I missed my calling as a therapist?



  5. I like how you ended this Billy Ray. I think dreams might be a remembering of what we don’t consciously remember before we were born, or may be a pre-cursor to something waiting on the other side of life as human. I have many dreams. I can say that though they don’t always relate to anything I am experiencing they sure seem familiar!


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