Ghost Bird(s)


Ghost Bird(s)

It’s a lovely old house, built in 1871, remodeled and some new additions. Of course, Julie Anne, George the cat,  and I love it…

But, here’s the thing, there are ‘ghost birds’ flying around inside the house!

You think I’m kidding? Nope, not trying to put something over on you…

We’re in the new house for two months, going broke furnishing the beautiful monstrosity. It starts innocently enough. We hear a noise, and George the cat is chasing and sliding all over the wooden floors trying to catch up with this wren (we think it’s a wren! A ghost wren!?). Julie Anne manages finally to chase it down, grasp it softly in her hand, open the kitchen door, and the feathery cutie flies away.

Now, all of a sudden, Julie Anne and George are chasing down a bird each day – maybe two or three times a day…can’t tell you it’s the same bird or a different bird each time. Incidentally, I don’t join in the chasing (not that I’m too good to chase) because I don’t like interrupting my lounging.

Okay, Julie inspects the house. The first chance I get to break into my lounging (actually, writing!), I inspect the house, top and bottom – there’s almost 7,000 square feet in this colossus! The bird keeps coming two or three times a day – same bird or different birds, I can’t say. Look, we have checked every square inch of this humungous house, even stuffed the clothes dryer lint catcher in the laundry room – well, actually it’s George’s dining room and bathroom… We even had a varmint expert come out and double our checking! We cannot find where the bird is making its entry. Our multiple fireplaces? We have blocked them all… You know, I have always loved birds – I’m not so sure anymore!

So, Julie Anne gets me to believing, you know, old house and all, that we’re being haunted by a bird or birds. Now, I’m not one usually to believe in ‘conspiracy’ or ‘bird ghost’ theories, but I’m darned near to the point of believing.

You’re probably thinking, ‘Is the bird leaving any droppings?’ (I’m assuming you know what I mean by droppings?) The answer is, wait for it, YES! We do find a small white speck on the floor occasionally…it’s like the feathery phantom is leaving its calling card.

We’re still looking, trying different things, but I can tell you this: there is not an opening big enough anywhere in this huge house for a bird to get inside. It’s rather maddening! (Of course, you’re clued in to that by reading this post!)

So, I’m seriously considering the bird ghost theory. There is one small catch! Can one pick up a bird ghost in one’s hand and carry it to the outside?

Hey, it’s been weeks now! If anyone has an idea, please let me know. One thing is sure, I will not be joining any birder groups anytime soon.

Billy Ray Chitwood – November 20, 2014

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14 thoughts on “Ghost Bird(s)

  1. Funny, I just watched, The Birds on TCM last night, Billy. I had an experience with birds in my house once and it wasn’t pleasant. You’d be surprised how small of a hole or crack can allow them entry inside your home.
    I love birds, but inside the house, not so much. Have you tried setting some bird seed on the floor and lying quietly in wait with a net? Good luck!


    1. Julie Anne chases them down and puts them outside – softly! Fireplaces are blocked, as is the dryer vent…there are only nail holes in the house (from picture hanging) – a bird cannot possibly get through the nail holes! 🙂 However, we are likely overlooking something. Thanks, dear heart, for your comments…funny! I was thinking Hitchcock’s “The Birds” during Julie’s chase. (There’s a tree outside the sun room where a flock of birds gather as we have coffee in the morning! AND it’s thirty degrees outside.) Aren’t the birds supposed to fly south (like, Florida or Venezuela) for the winter? 🙂


    1. You’re right, Sheri, the bird goes toward the light (windows) looking for a way out…and, there’s George the cat chasing it along with Julie Anne. 🙂 We’re very likely overlooking something! All the best, dear inspirational one! xo

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Next time your wife chases and catches it, put some nail varnish on it’s foot. You’ll soon know if it’s the same one coming back or different ones. Must be quite unnerving Billy Ray.


    1. Thanks, David, somewhat unnerving, but Julie does the chasing of the bird (she and George the cat) – I just sit and keep writing my nonsense! 🙂 Sooner or later we will figure it all out. My best to you, good David.


  3. Your new home is overwhelming, Billy Ray; you will not have any worry accommodating the family/relatives at Christmas. I think that the episode with the bird that isn’t could make a great story…


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