The Cat Burglar

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The Cat Burglar

The cat shrieked and leapt from the window sill, breaking the 3:00 AM darkness, landing on the left shoulder and nape of the neophyte burglar.

The tall man in black clothing felt the cat’s forepaw dig into his neck, as much for purchase as for inflicting pain, and he involuntarily shrieked himself, surprised and caught off-guard by the feline attack. He reached with his right arm and gloved hand for the cat, but felt the weight leave his shoulder simultaneously. He felt blood trickling down below his collar, running a course down his back.

“Darn you, cat!” the man muttered as he heard the cat rearrange a small table in its get-away, scrambling, sliding down the short hallway, barely visible from the outside light.

He didn’t tell me about a cat! The man was angry with the thought. He said it would be a ‘snap’…in the kitchen freezer, he said!

The man stood motionless for several seconds, listening for movements in the apartment. No lights came on and no cat…

The kitchen is on the left, he said, just off the fire escape window I came through. The man could make out the refrigerator when he shook off the surprise cat attack.

At the refrigerator the man slowly opened the door and a light immediately shone. He could see the freezer section above with all the ice trays and began to feel around frozen area. There it is, in the far right corner, in a freaking zip-lock baggie!

He pulled the baggie from the freezer section, carefully and quietly closed the door, and made his way to the window from which he had entered. He lifted his right leg up to the low window sill and was about to exit. The cat shrieked and pounced again…same spot on the left shoulder and nape.

Oww! I’m going to get you, cat, you miserable little fur b……

The man felt again the paw’s nails scratch deeply into his neck and shoulder. He reached again with his gloved right hand for the cat, lost his balance, and fell from the window onto the fire escape metal ledge. The baggie dropped to the floor just inside the apartment as blood flowed slowly down his back.

The man re-entered the apartment to retrieve the baggie.

Did the cat go out the window and down the fire escape? Is he still inside the apartment?

Once more inside the apartment the man felt along the carpeted floor for the baggie…all along the length below the window, back again farther away from the window, yet again until the man sat bewildered on the floor. He pulled the black woolen beanie from his head and ran his hand through the dark curly hair.

Did the baggie fall on the fire escape side of the window? I’m almost positive it fell to the carpet. What’s going on?

The cat pounced! Same spot! Same paw-dig! Same Blood trail on the back!

The man jumped to his feet, reached blindly for the shadowy cat and missed, chased it blindly around the relatively small room, bounced into chairs, a coffee table, and knocked over a lamp. After the short chase the man fell awkwardly onto the room’s sofa, out of breath.

I gotta stop smoking the weed and drinking…I’m way outta shape!

He glanced at the window. From the outside light he could see the cat sitting on the window sill with the baggie hanging from its mouth. The man jumped from the sofa to the window, and the cat fled down the fire escape.

The man chased after the cat but to no avail. At ground level he had lost all sight of the cat.

He slowly retraced his steps back up the fire escape steps, feeling, looking for the baggie. No baggie!

He went back down the fire escape steps to ground level and looked all around. No baggie!

Back at the dimly lit bar the man’s buddies were waiting.

“Hey where’s the weed, man?” asked buddy Bobby.

The man sat in the booth with his buddies and a pitcher of beer. “I had it, man, but some cat got it and ran with it. Pour me a mug, man. I’m pooped!”

“You telling us, Rudy, that some guy gets the weed from you after you heist it?” asked buddy Brodie.

“No, man, a cat got it! C – A – T! A real freaking cat!”

“Rudy, Rudy! Don’t tell this story to nobody, you hear me? That’s just crazy, man!”

“C’mon, guys, don’t be busting my chops! That darn cat did a number on my back… I’m all bloody! I tried, that’s all I can tell ya! You wanted weed, told me where to find it and told me nobody was home, but you didn’t tell me about the cat!”

“Aw, that’s tough, Rudy! Have your beer. We got weed!” said buddy Raven, the new guy.

“We got weed?” asked Rudy. “Where’d we get weed? I go through all that, and we got weed?”

“You don’t wanta know, Rudy. Have a beer and we’ll light up in a bit,” said Raven. “By the way, where’s your beanie?”

Rudy absent-mindedly touched his head. “Aw, Rats! I dropped it at the place… Now, I’ve got to go back and get it! Hey, where’d you get the weed?”

“We’ll get the beanie later, Rudy… ‘Gracie’ brought us the weed!”

“Gracie? Who the heck is Gracie?”

Raven spoke, “Gracie’s my cat, man. ‘Ain’t she fine’? She did a number on you, pal.”

“You nuts or something? There’s no cat can be trained to do what that cat did just did to me. You’re funning me!”

Raven again, “Just made a little bet with my new pals here and having a little fun with you, right. You’re okay, man. A little scratch here and there can’t hurt you! Drink up, Rudy!”


“Later, Rudy, I’ll answer all your questions…later! Drink up!”

Rudy started to speak, shook his head, picked up his mug of beer and chugalugged.

Billy Ray Chitwood – Flash Fiction Posted December 11, 2014

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