Georgie Boy


Georgie Boy

George is a family member, not just a cat! His name is George, but most of the time I call him Georgie Boy. He’s a Bengal cat, a breed developed from the Asian leopard jungle cat and a domestic cat. George is a pest! Lovable, but a pest! Even in old age he’s a pest! Thirteen years, we’ve had George, and he’s a pest! Wakes us up during the night, has us up too early! He’s a pest, always wanting a hand-out – I believe he would eat on the hour, every hour, of every day! He’s a pest!

But, I love him! And he’s a family member!

While living for a few years on the Sea of Cortez in Mexico, George loved our pool table as a resting spot…that’s him in the photo above. He could paw a few balls in the pockets but he never made it as an adequate pool player. He did, however, leave his mark! That is, I was constantly brushing off the fur he left behind.

Georgie Boy eats well…breakfast and dinner! In between he has ‘Temptations’ treats three or four times a day PLUS he expects portions of what we eat. We have had George for thirteen years, so, in human years, he’s old. His favorite spot for cleaning himself, napping, and eating of my goodies is on the elevated bottom of my Lazy Boy chair. To accommodate George when I have to go tinkle (which is often – okay, more information than you need to know!), I rearrange my body joints in exiting the Lazy Boy so as not to disturb him. When I return to MY Lazy Boy I find George stretched full length across the foot/leg section. At this point I am a little peeved with his territorial disregard and use my posterior in a show of defiance and re-seat myself. He merely moves, looks up at me as an annoyance, yawns, and goes back to his napping.

When he was younger he played with the dozens of accumulated toys and liked to frolic during our sleeping hours…my relationship with him during those years would be likely best described as a ‘love-hate relationship’.  Don’t get me wrong, he can still rub me the wrong way. There are times when I loudly yell at him to stop meowing, to get off my body while I try to sleep, to stop walking between my legs when I’m walking…causing me to step on him or nearly falling. After an angry outburst I start feeling ‘guilty’ and ask him to forgive me…as best one can with an imperious fur-ball like George. One thing I find rather remarkable is the sense profoundly felt that he understands much more that I might think he does in my talk/his meow language exchanges.

Julie Anne stares rather menacingly at me when I yell at George. She, after all, loves animals of all kinds – and was, I’m convinced, an animal in her former life… She was raised around animals and had pets all through childhood. I never had a pet until Julie and I paired up. She’s the most patient woman I’ve even known, but don’t berate the animals and/or the kids…she can at that time become dangerous…

Georgie Boy is a beautiful cat. When people visit, there is some initial wariness…will his feral nature show itself? As George sniffs around our guests’ feet and legs, Julie and I tell them he’s harmless and full of love. When they then want to pet him he moves off into another room… Remember the movie, That Darn Cat? Remember how kids once did nasty things to cats because the urchins didn’t like the independence of the furry ones? Having lived for these years with George, I sort of get it! Though I would never do something like that to Georgie Boy…there have been moments, however…but, then, there is Julie Anne with whom to contend.

Anyway, here at Christmas time and the holiday season I wanted to write about the only family member Julie and I now have at home. There is one thing for sure. Georgie Boy loves his family, particularly Julie because she cleans his litter box, feeds him, and never yells at him. Me, I’m the ‘treat guy’ and the ‘yelling guy’ – he comes to me for treats and to nap out on my Lazy Boy. Yeah, he loves me and I love him! I just don’t have the calmness and patience of Julie Anne. AND, we’re the only family George has ever had… I’m guessing he figures we are his dad and mom – without all the fur!

At the moment George is napping at my feet, curled in a position difficult to imagine his achieving! Ah, cat lovers, you gotta love this guy!

Billy Ray Chitwood – December, 2014

Now, time for a quick promo which is completely off of Georgie’s radar…

A budding actress and model was brutally murdered in Phoenix, Arizona. The beautiful young lady, a mother to two young children, was a personal friend of mine. The homicide shocked Phoenix, ‘the valley of the sun’, and her many acquaintances.

In my first ‘Bailey Crane Mystery’ book, An Arizona Tragedy, I fictionally build the book around that heinous murder, seeking, if you will, some kind of closure and remembrance for this woman whose life was all there in front of her. It is a book unlike the typical detective/sleuth story. The central character tells you the story, with personal feelings, fusing and musing elements in perhaps a different manner, with emotion and a certain panache. Though fictionalized, the forensic details are as true as was the news of the day.

It is my hope you will enjoy reading An Arizona Tragedy…the first of six Bailey Crane Mysteries – many of which are inspired by true events.



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