Filling it Out


Filling it out!

My good friend, Twitter and otherwise, gave me the idea for this post…that’s Eden in the picture, looking all intense and provocative! Eden is a supporter extraordinaire of authors, unselfishly giving of her efforts and time to let the world know about some really great authors. Eden is involved in many projects that deal with Art, Music, and Literature. Aside from writing some excellent quasi-steamy short stories that mirror human behavior and need, she has written a psychological thriller entitled, Stranger at Sunset (Buy sites: Amazon CANADA: US: UK:

Read it and enjoy! The cover is beautiful and appropriately chosen, don’t you think? Let your imagination dwell momentarily on the cover, then go inside and read the book. You’ll see what I mean…


The idea for this post?

In her New Year’s blog post (Jan. 1, 2015), Eden talked about ‘filling a notebook’ with all the myriad emotions and events that touch our lives from year to year. That got me to thinking about some of the subjective, likely argumentative blog posts I wrote in 2014 – of a political and/or religious nature. This is not an apology for those posts because ‘branding’ means letting people know who you are and why you are. It is true, however, that one can alienate readers with views that go counter to their own.

When I started my blog some years ago it was to be about writing, about how we live by the mandates of our DNA, our heritage. So, I wrote about the beauty of a Mexican beach on the Sea of Cortez, about my early mobile and emotional life, about the important aspects (to me) of writing. As I went along I wrote about political issues that bothered my biased conservative side, to the point where my anger was likely revealed. That can all be well and good to let people know where you stand on issues, but it can drive some away from your blog.

This year, I intend to keep my political prejudices minimalized and write more about writing and how words beautifully strung together can excite and titillate, write more about the beauty of life and the world. Having said this, I cannot promise to stay completely mum on issues that affect my beloved country, my children, and my grandchildren. It is not likely to change anyone’s belief system as, in the end, we truly are who we are, but by voicing my core opinions I can at least feel better about myself.

Reading over what I’ve just written it appears that not a whole lot is going to change in my blog posts of 2015. The posts will be honest, part of my core, and there will mention of my books – with the hope I can induce you to purchase one or all and read it/them.

On Eden’s blog you will find author interviews, her forthright comments. She is a great supporter of authors and their works. You can find her at (@edenbaylee) and at

It’s my hope that the new year of 2015 will be happy and prosperous for you all and that the world’s wisdom can find ways to solve some plaguing issues and problems. For me, I’ll be ‘filling out’ that notebook of mine in 2015, hopefully touching on matters that have some significance in all our lives.

Billy Ray Chitwood – January 2, 2015

Now, for my promo this week, I bring to your attention fiction that is tantalizingly delicious with its romance – a love triangle no less – its suspense, and, even, its evil. The novel is a film-noir read and I believe it moves along at a crisp pace. The characters, I suggest, are drawn well, either to be fondly embraced or to be considered angrily. The novel is entitled, The Reluctant Savage, and it has 5-Star Reviews. Give it a read and, if so disposed, write your own amazon review. Like other authors opine, books without readers and reviews are like unpeeled bananas! (What!? Authors opine that thought!?) Oh, well, I could beg!



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9 thoughts on “Filling it Out

  1. You’re so sweet, Billy Ray. What a shock to see my big head when I opened your blog post!

    I completely agree that your blog is, and should always be, a reflection of who YOU are. Others may not always agree with what you say, nor will they like the subject matter, but then again, it’s your blog, not theirs. If they don’t like it, they can certainly read something else. If a reader is willing to comment and have a dialogue with you about what they don’t like, even better I say! I think that’s what makes your writing unique — you have many views, many styles of writing, and it mirrors that you are a multi-dimensional person. If we were to write only what we thought might not offend or turn off our readers, then we would have censored ourselves. That would not be a good thing.

    In the case of you, my lovely man, you are an American, a Southerner, a believer in God. I curse on occasion. I’m an atheist, and I’m Canadian, and we STILL get along! In many ways, you and I are polar opposites, and yet … I so adore you.

    For having read your blog and getting to know you through social media, I’ve learned many things from you, and I like the man very much. You’ve enriched my life. In the end, I truly believe it’s not the differences that segregate us, it’s our intolerance that does.

    So, please PLEASE write as YOU. I look forward to reading more about the fascinating man I’ve come to know, and I can’t wait to find out more this coming year.

    Big hugs,


    1. Thank you, dear lady, for your comments – and, of course, your great support.

      It’s a bit funny as I’ve just finished a blog post for next week that deals with ‘Life and Death’, faith and the lack of faith. Then, I go my recent post and find your comments. You might not like next week’s post too well. 🙂

      My faith is more fragile than I would like, but it is there. Also, humility is big for me. There have been a few atheists I’ve met or seen who have an arrogance that upsets me. For me, an agnostic honestly and humbly questions – been there, done that! For a person to deny categorically the existence of a higher authority, many times in an almost belligerent and bitter way as though their truth can be the only truth disturbs me. I’m willing to concede my light is likely not the brightest in the room, but it admittedly does raise my hackles when I’m patronized and made to feel inadequate and an idiot when I do not embrace an atheist’s arguments… This, of course, does not apply to you – I’ve known of your atheism, and, superfluously, you have every right to believe as you do…

      Leave it at this, I die and there is black nothingness, or, I die and there are wonderful afterlife options… So, I choose to believe, though admitting to a certain amount of fragility.

      You’re right, intolerance does ‘segregate’! I don’t want to go there, not even for a visit… I adore you, too.

      There is only one way for me to write (and make my clumsy mistakes) ant that is to be me, so I hope to continue enriching you.

      Best wishes for 2015!

      Big hugs back,

      Billy Ray


      1. Hi hon, I’ll read your next post and let you know what I think 😉

        My experience with religion is as a result of a long journey, Billy Ray. It’s seen me through Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism, Agnosticism, and I land here in atheism. It’s a personal choice, not one I will argue with anyone on either an intellectual or emotional level.

        I have complete respect for your beliefs and those who have faith in other religions. I suppose I’ve never seen atheism as arrogance, just as I’ve never viewed faith in something that cannot be proven as illogical. We believe what we do based on who we are and our own experiences. We shouldn’t have to justify these to anyone.

        Looking forward to your next post, lovely. xox


  2. I don’t ever think that I have to agree with someone’s opinion. Actually, I like it when people have an opinion. Too many people are afraid to offer any opinion. My preference is that people offer their opinion and then we respond with tolerance and our own opinion.


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