Music’s Message


Music’s Message 

Do you feel lonesome and sad?

Play Vivaldi! Or, play some songs by Tim McGraw.

Do you feel angry, mad as hell, and not going to take it anymore?

Play Tchaikovsky’s Fifth Symphony. Or, play some songs by Toby Keith.

Do you feel contemplative, pensive?

Play Bach or Haydn. Or, play some songs by ‘Ole Blue Eyes’ Frank Sinatra.

Do you feel happy and full of life?

Play Mozart. Or, play some songs  by Taylor Swift.

Do you feel sleepy and tired?

Play Brahms. Or, play some songs by R and B ‘The Floaters’.

When the land is blanketed with snow do you feel the need to have soft background music when you work, write, or enjoy a fire in the fireplace?

Play ‘New Age’ or light classical.

It’s difficult for me to imagine a world without music. Our movies build their scenes of drama and mirth with music. Long drives are made a bit easier by the music one enjoys. A romantic evening with your special love is heightened by a ballad that sings the words your heart sends through the eyes.

All through our civilized history, music has been an international language that connects people with their senses.

On this day when commerce is stalled by the snow, I write on my laptop while my ‘Georgie Boy’ is curled and napping on my Lazy Boy leg rest. In this tiny spot of the world, ‘God’s in his heaven and all’s right with the world’.

Oh, were it so across the planet!

Billy Ray Chitwood – February, 2015

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9 thoughts on “Music’s Message

  1. Once it’s time to start my blog on goes Youtube and I wallow in my memories, 60’s and 80’s songs are best with me though I do enjoy folk music and some classical, even Andy Williams.
    I do agree with you though Billy Ray, it would be nice is the world was as much at peace as I am when the music plays.


  2. In the car I have some music I have to play to calm down and other to keep me away. And in the summer ‘The Beach Boys’ (or in the winter if I miss the sea…). And of course, the musicals…Maybe if we went around singing we wouldn’t get into so much trouble and we’d laugh more. (Saying that I can’t neither play an instrument nor sing…). Thanks for bringing us the soundtrack for all occasions! Have a lovely day Billy Ray!


  3. I agree: music is wonderful, and it can fit in with our different moods and help us through difficult or tedious periods of our life. I am extremely selective when it comes to music – I cannot cope with ‘music’ that is more or less only noise pollution, like, for example, the music played in most shops.


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