The Muse and I


The Muse and I

There was a time

When the Muse Erato came often

Brought me from

A dormancy dreary of thought,

Brought me to

High points of my fancy and fun,

Held me close in

Her tender arms of rhapsody.

The years passed

And ink went dry within the pen,

And a harsh wind

Carried me with shrill Bacchus beats

To a dark despair

Not known since confusion of youth,

Until a new beginning

Carried me back to the daughter of Zeus.

And now I sit with pen

Poised to claim treasures that are mine

But find the poignant

Passage of Time has left me weary of Want.

All that might have been

Are now dreams filled with dancing specters

That laugh and mock me

With their metronomic ticks of passing years.

(Billy Ray Chitwood – March, 2015)

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