The Omaha Park Incident


The Omaha Park Incident

(Flash Fiction)

The park was crowded with federal, local, and state political dignitaries, there for the statue unveiling of a most remarkable political figure, James Thomas Rhinestone. The outstanding leadership of this United States Senator from Nebraska led to the disposition of government gridlock which lasted for twenty years. He led the fight for bi-partisanship and transparency of congressional actions and administrative policies. In short, Mr. Rhinestone was the main catalyst in keeping democracy and freedom alive in the country, in dismantling and repealing the previous president’s socialistic executive orders.

The Omaha Park was replete with marching bands and enthusiastic speakers. The local police and security personnel were at strategic spots in the park. A colorful platform draped with American flags and beautiful vases of plants boomed the voices of politicians out across the large and lovely grounds. Thousands roared their jubilant approval after each proud statement. The sky was a bright blue for the momentous occasion, the weather comfortably warm for family picnicking on lustrous green grounds. For the thirsty and hungry there were lemonade stands, hamburger and hot dog stands. Speakers carried the messages of the orators across the vast area to loud happy shouts. Red, white, and blue kites floated lazily overhead, with kids and parents maneuvering to avoid collisions. Parents changed babies’ diapers and pushed pacifiers into their mouths to reduce the decibel level of their crying.

After a rousing introduction the final political speaker stood at the podium, an aide of the US president carrying a message about the hard work of Senator Rhinestone and a brief sketch of new policy decisions and a new course for the country…

“We are now a country revived from a long coma, able again to comprehend and abide by the Constitution of the United States. We are now a congress without the damaging quid pro quos of the past, without the filibusters than stood in the way of good honest legislation for ‘We The People’, without catering to special interests, and without remembering for whom we work.

“We are now a federal government who will help those who truly need help, who will pass on important issues to the states of our republic for rendering of decisions best made by them – education and otherwise, who will diligently deliver the very best security for our country, maintain the integrity of our borders, regulate only those entities best controlled by a central authority, balance the national budget, and commit the strength of all our armed forces to rid our country and the world of savage terrorists, those who spill blood in most heinous ways under the cloak of a religion they claim is the only one that matters. Be patient as our plans and policies are being shaped as we speak – just as a vast majority of our citizens have made their wishes known. I can solemnly promise that our actions will truly be transparent…”

As the final comments of the speaker are made, a red, white, and blue kite soars downward from the sky and crashes into the middle of the platform. With the crash comes a huge explosion that shatters the platform and kills people within fifty feet of the podium. The blood of many is thick and heavy upon the grass and shattered platform. Body parts of those near the kite blast fly into the frenzied crowd. The earth rumbles, shakes as families scream and act wildly in a cacophony of sound. Children stand mute, their eyes wide, unfocused, in bewildered shock, their faces the mirrors of a Van Gogh painting, lives forever scarred by the scenes all around them. The adults forsake reason, running, flailing, falling, bouncing into each other, dazed in their maniacal fear. In the haste cars crash into each other in an attempt to leave the scene of chaos.

It had happened!

That 9/11 moment of terror the people of America inwardly feared finally came. When reason returned and the reality was felt, anger came, blame came, crime of pettiness came, demands came, intelligence sources scurried, and, soon came an all-out US air and ground attack on Muslim terrorists in the Middle East, from Syria to West Africa, north and south. In the United States, in all fifty states, Muslims who were on the ‘Action Watch Lists’ of National Security were rounded up and put in the hastily built internment additions at Cuba’s Guantanamo Bay. The United States acted quickly to apply more crippling sanctions, choking the economy of Iran. The Iranian leadership became less belligerent and more tolerant of their perceived enemies.

The Omaha Park act of Terror created a bond among Americans reminiscent of the World War Two era and the ‘Greatest Generation’. The great and charitable nation wakened its sleeping giant to a new era of peace and prosperity

The United States prevailed and won the War on Terrorism, became again the respected leader of the free world.

Enough was enough!

Billy Ray Chitwood – March, 2015

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