History Teaches


History Teaches

History teaches us so much but it cannot keep pace with our arrogance and ignorance!

Each generation carries with it the movers and the shakers, those simply living clean wholesome lives, obeying the laws, looking to survive, and the Jerry Springer witless wonders, robotic brewers of brawn and monosyllabic tantrums. With the world’s multi-billion people-mix of colors, creeds, languages, political, and religious persuasions it might be rather remarkable that we have not imploded by now, or, perhaps more apt, exploded. Our geniuses have given us all the once unimaginable tools for Armageddon. Each nation appears to separate its populations into politically diverse groups with leaders, some chosen by the people, some by coups, others by anarchy and revolution.

Now, with generations of anger and hatred fueling their actions, Islamic terrorists by the tens of thousands come to show us barbaric ways to kill, to threaten openly for all the world to know that their deity proclaims their way the only way… The infidels who dare challenge or do not submit to their new world order will die in hideous ways.

So, if ever the entire world needed to come together to form a massive coalition to destroy these defiant monsters of morality, it is now. It does not take an IQ in the genius range to understand that the world is most definitely at a crucial crossroad in the history of humankind. It will take the sane and sensible leaders of the world to combine their forces and their machinery of destruction to clear the planet of this terrorism scourge. And, it must be the United States that takes up this noble effort to unify nations, to commit every option of its military forces in leading this great coalition. It is well past the time for ‘aiming’. It is time to fire!

Yes, there is hope still for a world that has been hijacked for some years by the forces of Satan. Leaders must forsake the greed and power that come with leadership and think only of the people for whom they work.

Billy Ray Chitwood – March, 2015

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5 thoughts on “History Teaches

  1. I agree with some of what you say Billy Ray but I don’t believe we’re talking millions of fanatics, I think the figure is much lower. Most Muslims don’t back the beliefs of this minority.
    I’m afraid I don’t think the U.S. are the right people to lead a coalition of nations any more than I think it should be mine, We are branded with the same iron in the belief that our only interest is the oil and it may be true. We have also been responsible for the deaths of many innocents over there and have not gained friends.We need an honest broker to bring countries together and I would suggest somewhere in Scandanavia.
    Ideally we should have the Arab countries who profess friendship with the West clear up the mess in their own backyards and perhaps allow the UN troops in to protect the Kurds. Forces from the West who do go in will have to be careful who they go for or we will create more recruits for these monsters.
    We should also go in by invitation only which will tell us which of the countries are serious about ridding themselves of the menace and which supports them.

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    1. Thanks, David, for your response… With Iran who wants to wipe out the nation of Israel and who has aided and abetted terrorists, I figured millions.

      Unfortunately, with our current government’s executive branch, you are likely correct in the coalition leadership statement — the ISIS situation should have been contained a year ago when they were crossing the desert of Iraq…so I took a ‘swipe’ at the inaction and ineptness of our president…not supplying the Kurds, not supplying Ukraine against Putin’s advances.

      Yes, we have certainly made mistakes and enemies with some bad judgement calls, but the US has always been there for aid and billions of dollars to support nations in need — even, questionable ones. I’m ambivalent about the US being the world’s ‘super power’ but that seems to be the consensus…at least, until President Obama..

      With our intel and historic perspective we should likely know who our friends are across the globe, and it’s my guess we are being second-guessed by many of our allies.

      I guess, good friend, I let my ire get the best of me at times, what with heads being cut off and people burned alive. My premise is we don’t seem to learn history’s lessons – we just keep repeating the same mistakes..

      I respect greatly your comments, Lord David.

      Hugs backatcha! 🙂

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      1. I totally agree that huge mistakes have been made Billy Ray.ISIS should have been contained before now but perhaps we should never have befriended them and armed them before that knowing what they were. The same with the Taliban against Russia.
        There would have been no need to Supply Ukraine against Prez.Putin”s advance had we not forced Ukraine to change leadership so that they’s join the EU. What Ukraine got was / is a fascist Government which attacks the Jews and Ukraine split partly because of that. The last government were not pro EU but at least they were legally voted in and stood for the whole of Ukraine. Putin would not have needed to come.
        Each time we interfere it seems to be more for our own sake and we keep making mistakes. As you say, we never learn. I’m hoping one day we’ll see that peace and keeping people alive is better. The Governments and the people of the middle East need to rise and defeat the people who want to enslave them to an archaic way and not allow them to wear them down one at a time.

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