You Are Home

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You Are Home

Time and again the thunder ball rolled through the gray cloud cluster that covered the world. Streaks of lightning pierced the darkening sky. Winds raced fifty miles an hour, creating ominous whistle sounds. Flashes of light and fire came with a sharp crack as trees were targeted by the storm. Then the whole earth shook! Objects and people fell where they stood. Great fissures came loudly rippling, tearing up the ground, splitting hills and boulders.

Families gathered in their homes, frightened by the ferocity of Nature, wondering if this was truly the end of the world. Was this the predestined Apocalypse mentioned in one of the great books of history?

Armies were positioned throughout the world to do battle but were now confused and in disarray. The strange storm raged across the globe. Nations’ leaders were unable to communicate, fail safe systems not performing.

Apprehension, fear of terrorism came quickly to the masses. Those of Faith prayed to their God. The Non-believers were held in a mind paralysis, now mute in their own self-doubt.

When the noisy shaky orbiting of earth fell calm and silent, high in the sky came countless white doves, spreading across the sky, chanting in wondrous cadence – Going Home! Over and over, the chant was heard across the world, and, in a blink of an eye and a flash people began to vanish.

When the chant stopped, when the doves disappeared from the sky, the people of malice and war still on earth picked up their weapons of destruction and spewed their venom of hate until the cacophony of their evil shattered their mass and they were no more.

The earth suddenly morphed into a lovely golden hue, streets lined with perfectly formed trees and walkways. Lakes and meadows appeared where there once were battlefields. Everywhere the air was sweet-smelling with intoxicating freedom, good will, and peace.

Then, the good people of the earth returned, preceded by the white doves chanting – You Are Home!

Billy Ray Chitwood – April, 2015


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Each life has a story to tell. Each of us in so many ways tell that story. This piece of Non-Fiction, What Happens Next? A Life’s True Tale, even with some of the shame that comes with it, tells my story…actually, it’s the brother of my fictional memoir, The Cracked Mirror – Reflections of an Appalachian Son…ninety per cent true. The aforementioned book is one hundred per cent true. Even within the books of fiction, mystery, suspense, romance I have written, my story is told – on and between the lines. Hope you have an opportunity to read What Happens Next? A Life’s True Tale and other books of mine. Of course, an amazon review is most welcome.

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8 thoughts on “You Are Home

  1. If Only, Billy Ray. Just think, no signs of death and destruction at our hand and no-one to teach children how to hate.The mere thought of people wishing no–one and nothing any harm is wonderful, it would be nice to think human nature had been repaired at last.

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