A Speck of Dust

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A Speck of Dust

In the Aeonic repetition

Of night enveloping day,

A tiny universal speck

Of dust contemplates

The great mystery of

Endless orbits and


The insanity of war and

Fragile unstable peace…

The beauty of a sunrise,

Sunset, love’s wondrous

Bliss confused by anomalous


The speck of dust mingles

With all other specks

And awaits an ordained

Anonymity in the darkness

Of eternal oblivion – or the

Healing light of Salvation…

(Billy Ray Chitwood – June 27, 2015) 

So much of that ‘Speck of Dust’ contemplation is dispensed in my fictional memoir which is 90% true…it is titled, The Cracked Mirror – Reflections of an Appalachian Son.  The book is an account of a boy/man chasing his past and finding some of his dreams along with the despair from mistakes made along the way…it also has a bit of history that you might find interesting…



Amazon US: http://www.goo.gl/x459WR

Amazon UK: http://www.goo.gl/oyc499

Amazon Worldwide: http://authl.it/1su

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11 thoughts on “A Speck of Dust

  1. A shame the fragile unstable peace is what just might distract us from looking at those beauteous sunrises and sunsets.and stop us from taking care of Mother Earth for generations to come.
    Hugs Billy Ray

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