The storm


The Storm

This could be about the ISIS storm, or, the political debate storm, or, a domestic storm…and, it is about all of these storms – plus, the weather witch is soaking our rolling hills with rain, lightning, and thunder…


Now, I don’t know about you (if you care enough to be informed on matters facing our Republic), but I’m really, REALLY, tired of the barbarians in the Middle East cutting off heads of children and adults for not believing in their stupid ideology which tells them to kill everyone who does not believe what they believe because destiny has them occupying the throne of the world…a side thought makes me wonder, should that happen, what the hell would they do for fun? Play Russian Roulette, or, design a parlor game of ‘Spin the Bottle’, the object being chopping off the head of ill-fated players whose misfortune it was to have the coca cola bottle neck pointing their way. Actually, what difference would it make? Death is good to these ugly bastards – they get a virgin in their heaven. I’m just saying, all lives have importance to someone no matter what part of the world they live. I’m just saying, we ought to care and be doing more, urgently and faster, as a world power to eliminate these bugs of brutality.

Where has ‘common sense’ been hiding? A Secretary of State and/or one of his loony aides cannot negotiate with madness. My common sense tells me this: before I let these idiots get to my country and start killing off my family and friends, I’m taking them out any way I can – by non-stop bombing attacks and a few ground troops (which we should have done over a year ago when they crossed Syria’s border into Iraq…they were in a vast open desert, easy prey for our mighty forces). Good people of any religion, no matter where they live, should not be arbitrarily killed by brazen idiotic ideologues. My common sense tells me this is not JV bullying. These mad men and women want us dead. Can we be so blind as not to see this? If we really and truly love this nation of ours, we need to get leadership that knows their history, knows that when good folks don’t see the ‘Hitlers of the world’ coming, doom is not far ahead. My common sense tells me that life is precious, even for those in a foreign land we don’t know. Life is a gift from God, or, for some people, a gift from an anonymous source. My common sense tells me not to mention ‘the Crusades’, Rome, Russia, Korea, Iran, any country that decided to let a few dictate to the many…how did that work out?

I am more a ‘dove’ than a ‘hawk’ but senseless killing by an Islamic terrorist group must not be on life’s menu of activities. Diplomacy is not an option with these monsters of mankind… We would be wise to remember that Neville Chamberlain and France in 1939 pursued a policy of appeasement in the hopes that Hitler would not bring Europe into war…again, how did that work out? If you hold an ‘Isolationist’ view, I likely infuriate and speak to empty air… We should not need reminding that our shores are indeed reachable. We recently celebrated our Independence… We should not need reminding that our Independence, our freedom, our liberty, came at a very high cost – millions of courageous men and women gave their lives during wars in foreign lands to preserve our way of life.

Our tiny orb in the universe holds eight billion people, and Science/Technology are putting the squeeze on all of us to find ways of living peacefully in a global society…so many different cultures and languages interfacing on a worldwide web creating complex social issues, dispensing some sincerity of purpose along with hatred and vitriol. We can hope Scientists, Micro-biologists, Brain Surgeons, and the Nano-Tech people can come up with microscopic implants or miracle pills that can make communication and global unity a real possibility. In the meantime, we need to face current realities…there are monsters of the midway heading in our direction, and we need to eradicate them.


The greatest political show of possibly any century is unfolding before us, with so many points and counter-points to make us dizzy. On one side of that political show, we have a group running for President of the United States that changes the face of our Republic even more drastically than it has been changed in the past six a half years. On the other side we have a large group who will likely squabble and squander a chance to elect someone who will stem the rush toward Socialism (that’s the ‘ism’ that sounds relatively good until it is in practice, until the power brokers and the elite take over, centralize, and give the reins of ruling the many to a few – for reference, see your history books!) I love this country, its Constitution, its Freedom for any of us to be what it is we wish, without a large bureaucratic government becoming too intrusive in our lives. That’s what my common sense tells me.


Domestically, my wife is taking the ‘liberty’ to nap while I’m typing this important piece of rant and rave… She will, however, awaken and find that I have again written a blog that will alienate me even further from the people I wish to buy my books. However, she loves me, knows that I speak not with a forked tongue. But, then, she will remind me again that what I write on the web is out there forever, and, if the heat becomes less than bearable, she might have to consider divorce…

Nah! She would not do that!!!

Billy Ray Chitwood – July 10, 2015

For those I have not alienated, there is a book that I wrote that admittedly is not politically scholarly, but it does take my views as a citizen a bit farther. If you read it and don’t like it, use the back cover for your dart boards – the front cover has a picture of one of my sons…

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3 thoughts on “The storm

  1. I agree with much of what you say Billy Ray, just not the method. If troops from your country or my country now enter another country to deal with Isis we immediately get Isis more recruits The first time we kill yet another innocent civilian we give Isis even more recruits when they WHO did the killing and not the why. Our blatant interference in these other places has earned us no friends in the past and I can well understand why from their point of view.
    Some of the leaders of the middle -Eastern countries have their positions threatened by Isis for being too lenient with the ‘Laws of Islam’ as preached by these jackals. I think these leaders are the ones who should be tackling Isis and putting their armies in the field to kill this and other terrorist groups instead of relying on us to do it so they don’t take the blame.They need to get their Mullahs to start spreading the news that these people are out to act like the Taliban and destroy the liberty of the ordinary people.If they can’t manage it, then they might issue a request for help to the International Community so their people can see they have asked for foreign intervention.
    If they do deal with their own problem then maybe wee’ll reach a stage where we can create friendly relations with these countries on a proper basis and live in peace for the sake of out children, grandchildren and generations to come.
    Huge Billy Ray.

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    1. Thanks, David, for your good comments…
      As I see it, our president tells us we have a coalition of 60 nations, yet the madness continues and grows… Jordan and the Kurds are doing something and we should be helping them. I agree with your point about the good nations of the Middle East dealing with their own problems, However, how many innocent lives do we need to have taken before the world stands up.
      The hatred is there, David, has been, will be, and we won’t change that. The ISIS recruiting will continue until their numbers get bigger and bigger…that’s why we should have routed this group a year and a half ago on that large tract of Iraqi desert – there would have been little or no collateral damage. My points, I hope, are clear – these ISIS people want all of us dead — and Iran makes it one of their mantras, as it does for Israel.
      Like you, I don’t want innocent people killed, but it’s happening every day.
      We must show our might against these savages before we even think of working on diplomacy and friendly relations.
      Hugs, Lord David ♥


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