Insane Leadership – Enough is Enough

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Insane Leadership

 -Enough is Enough-

The ‘politically correct’ crowd and those who crave civility and diplomacy can turn your heads, take a potty break, or, stay locked in your progressive liberal mind-sets. For me, I’ve had enough of this ISIS insanity and so very tired of an insane leadership that devalues life and is likely doing exactly what the president and his ideology have programmed.

If human life in other parts of the world can mean so little to this inept president and his crew, it signifies an end to our democracy, our freedom and our liberty. When burning people alive, cutting off heads, and killing defenseless children and women become just another insipid news conference and photo op, we are up to our` asses in alligators. My God! Don’t we know these bugs of butchery are coming to our shores? That is their freaking ‘religious beliefs’ – to conquer the world and have one huge caliphate. If we had a competent commander in chief, we would have killed off much of this group one year ago while they were in a vast isolated desert in Iraq having just crossed over the Syrian border…when they were a ‘JV’ team!

We are a country made up of immigrants who have for the most part assimilated and are very proud to be Americans. They came here to have better lives, a chance to become whatever it was they wanted to be. They learned quickly that the United States had a document called the Constitution, that we were a country of freedom and liberty but also a nation of laws… I was born in Appalachian poverty and a broken home and know that our system of government works…equal opportunity, freedom to speak your mind and protest peacefully, freedom to worship the religion of our choice. It is fine to have a large contingent of the Islamic faith, but it is not okay, in my opinion, to have them not assimilate into the American culture, to demand divisive changes and privileges that are not part of our way of life. They claim they are peaceful and separate from the Jihadist elements, but we don’t hear much from them condemning the extremists who are marching across the globe killing in horrible and terrifying ways – and openly recruiting on the internet.

I’m reminded of the movie classic, Network, the guy sticks his head out the window and says, ‘I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore.’ Then, I realize what the hell can an old geezer like me do in the scheme of things? But, dammit, America, wake up! Don’t let this incompetent liberal leadership take us down the road to socialistic oblivion.

These leftist loons have built their careers on the backs of minorities, keeping them disenfranchised, taking away their dignity but their desires to have pieces of the great American pie, by race-baiting and ‘poor versus rich’ tactics. The liberal democrats want the minorities, particularly the Blacks and Hispanics, to see the conservatives as ogres who deprive them of equal opportunities for success…poppycock! It has been under conservative leadership that economic growth has come, jobs have been created, and our value to other nations have been the highest. It is the liberal side of the aisle through their penchant for entitlement programs that has brought our country into multi-trillion dollar deficits.

Yes, there are things these eyes don’t see and there might be some naiveté in the mix, but I do try to stay informed on how the taxpayer dollars are being spent by the people we elect to run our nation. From where I sit, there needs to be some programs deleted from our menu of options…like Obamacare, ‘pork’ projects like the mating of tsetse flies or some other dumb, needless activities. We need to merge and/or dismantle other agencies of government that are redundant, over-staffed, and account for much of our wasted money.

We need after all the years to put together a meaningful immigration law and immediately secure our southern border. We need to pass a law that automatically sends to prison a returning deported felon involved in yet another felony – where is the common sense that allows an illegal alien once deported from our country for serious crime to return and commit another serious crime? ‘Kate’s Law’ should be a ‘no-brainer’. We also need to defund ‘Sanctuary Cities’.

While defunding, we need to save hundreds of millions by not writing more taxpayer-paid checks to ‘Planned Parenthood’. Oh, yeah, the IRS? Let’s poke a hole in their big fat balloon and create a ‘flat tax’ system.

We need to allow the states to handle their educational needs, their entitlement issues, tax hikes and/or cuts, and many other issues which will allow the federal government to do its Constitutional job of protecting our shores, our highways, bridges, and taking care of ISIS and other radical terrorist groups. We need now to vote against the ‘Iran Nuclear’ deal, and, while we’re at it, we need to carry a ‘bigger stick’ while we practice our diplomacy. From my perspective, it is well past time that we develop and carry out a well-planned military policy for defeating the radical Islamic Terrorists.

Regarding the first-class tickets our politicians carry – medical care programs that go far beyond those of their tax-payer bosses and retirement plans that hold golden nuggets – can we close those doors? Can we limit the terms our representatives and senators can hold their offices? Perhaps, like the president: two terms. Even with some goodies taken away the pocket change is still fairly viable. These people have important jobs and they should be paid well if doing those jobs without all the ‘owe me’ and quid pro quo. They get lots of hits from the lobbyists and K Street, and I can understand the temptations can become sometimes too great. But I would sure like to see some really honest and wise people handling our country’s affairs.

There are of course other needs our citizenry have in mind…I have only scratched the surface… I have also worked out some of my anger. I have only written what I believe. If it is too brash, arrogant, whatever, I’m thinking of my kids, grandkids, and great grandkids, the world they will find at my age.

Billy Ray Chitwood – July 24, 2015

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8 thoughts on “Insane Leadership – Enough is Enough

  1. This is why I write fiction, Billy…to escape the sad reality of our country. It’s sad to think, if my dear grandmother was still alive, she wouldn’t recognize her own country.
    Let’s try and forget, for now, and enjoy the weekend with our loved ones. Happy Weekend!

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  2. Happy weekend, dear Jill… There are times when I feel like making noise – too little common sense and too much political correctness and divisiveness… Guess I should just stick with my fiction. 🙂 ♥


  3. As if we aren’t in debt up to our eyeballs to China already, our Obama now promises Kenya 1 BILLION dollars to them! I’d say don’t worry about ISIS, our own president will bury us!!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. My opinions only appear in the comments of my blog. The posts are free of emotions unless specifically noted as mine. But thanks.


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