Satan’s Song


Satan’s Song

There is a ‘back story’ and a ‘front story’ to Satan’s Song, Book two of my ‘Bailey Crane Mystery Series’ (Books 1-6)… You might find it interesting.

The ‘back story’:

The city is Phoenix, Arizona.

The date is November 8.

The day is Sunday.

The year is 1992

The crime: On late Sunday afternoon a lovely twenty-two year-old woman leaves the apartment she shares with her boyfriend for a bike ride. Four and one half hours later her boyfriend reports her missing.

Her headless body is found the next day in a northwest Phoenix park near a canal.

Her head is found on November 20 lodged in a grate of the canal some two miles below the park.

Living in Phoenix at the time I was both emotionally shocked and fascinated by this horrific homicide. The weeks, months, years passed, the Phoenix PD stymied with the lack of leads in the murder, and the crime went into the ‘cold case’ files.

Satan’s Song is Book Two of six in my ‘Bailey Crane Mystery Series’, inspired by this macabre murder. My mind swirled with different plots for this novel as the news of the day carried no suggestions as to motive, and I ultimately settled on the idea of a psychological thriller. Because the police had no leads, and DNA had not the prominent role it has today, the case languished in the ‘Cold Case’ files.

The ‘front story’:

Our police departments throughout the country have for the most part dedicated cops and detectives who are persistent in solving cases. They hurt as most of us do for the victims of crime and the lingering loss felt by the families. Because of this persistence, it appears that, after twenty-two years, the diligence of the Phoenix Police Department has paid off.

Just recently a forty-two year old man was arrested in the above case. DNA came through again as it tied the man to the satanic death of the lovely twenty-two year old… DNA also connected the man with the murder of a seventeen-year old female stabbing victim a year following the decapitation murder. Strangely, the man had a connection with the Phoenix Police Department and was known as ‘The Zombie Hunter’… His car resembled a Phoenix PD car, emblazoned with the large and carefully scripted words, THE ZOMBIE HUNTER.

Anyone interested in knowing more about the actual facts and names of the people involved can google ‘1992 decapitation murder of 22-year old woman in Phoenix, AZ.’

Satan’s Song, except for certain facts, does not play out like the actual ending, but, hopefully, you will enjoy the writing and the psychological twists in the story line. It is an easy and entertaining read with some horrifying scenes. It is my hope that you will also enjoy Bailey Crane and his musings about his life and loves as he follows the paths of the homicides.

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Billy Ray Chitwood – August 1, 2015



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10 thoughts on “Satan’s Song

    1. Crime and evil fascinate me – how can it be so freely distributed throughout our world? My emotions come out when I write about cases based on true crime… Hope the trip to your father’s village and grave was not too terribly sad for you…

      He is in his eternal home and without the cares and worries of our hectic orb. ♥


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