When Angels Come

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When Angels Come

In those hours and days of misery when hope cannot find its way to my pain, there comes an inscrutable stirring within that calms and brings me a modest peace.

There was a time when I was driving from Decatur, Illinois to Springfield, Illinois. On a long stretch of two-lane highway, behind a big semi-hauler and my patience thin, I thought I had room to pass on the rising straightaway. I pulled out to pass and slammed the accelerator. Suddenly, abreast of the semi, I saw a fast-moving car coming toward me. I decided to brake and get back behind the semi, but my speed was such that, once behind the semi I was about to ram into its rear end. Instinctively, I steered my car to the right gravel shoulder, hit a patch of sloping grass and slid sideways, passing the semi with its driver and me staring wide-eyed at each other. The sloping grass ended at an old wooden and wire fence – which I just missed.

I sat there for some time, breathing deeply, trying to settle my nerves. Looking off from the fence line I noticed a large red barn. There came that inner stir that gave me the distinct déjà vu feeling that I had been here an earlier time… However, I had never in my lifetime been on that highway. That moment has stayed with me for all the years, plus a few more such moments, and how was I to account for that moment in time? It happened. It was very real to me. Did the near accident cause those surreal moments?

On Cannery Row in Monterey, California, some years later, I walked late at night to my car that was parked in an alley-way parking lot. There was no light in the parking lot and it was very dark. Two young men roughly grabbed me, pinning my arms, and stole my wallet carrying all my money and credit cards. I wore a light gray suit, and the wallet was in my inside coat pocket. With too much to drink I was not in any physical condition to put up much of a fight, and the two husky guys kept whispering threats. After lifting my wallet, they ran off into the darkness. I made my way back to a phone and called the police. I then sat on a curb and waited for them to arrive… What I did not know was that one of the men stabbed me in the upper right shoulder, and the blood stained through to my coat sleeve. The tight grasps they had on my arms apparently made me unaware of the short jabs. The several wounds were not very deep and caused me no severe pain, but the robbery experience could have had a different ending, and I’ve thought about that a lot. Had I not been boozed up and an easy target, could I have been killed that night?

There were numerous devil-may-care risks taken in my younger days, crazy, idiotic macho and booze-induced quests that might have led to personal disaster… Over the years I had to believe there was a guardian angel looking out for me.

This post is not intended to be a sermon or for me to play program director, but I am not bashful and embarrassed to admit my belief in a Higher Order, a Supreme Being Who provides us with the moon and stars at night, the golden sunshine during our days. Perhaps He weeps with His rain and tosses us about with His floods and winds, sad to see us fighting among ourselves.

Please listen when your angel comes…to the deeper meaning of that ‘stir’ you feel.

Billy Ray Chitwood – August 21, 2015


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