TEAM TOM – ‘Walk for Alzheimer’s’ – Nov. 14, 2015 – Phoenix, AZ.



TEAM TOM – ‘Walk for Alzheimer’s’ – November 14, 2015 – Phoenix, AZ

Team Tom

When we first heard the word and its meaning, it took some time for the full impact to hit us – Alzheimer’s became a word with an ugly and subterranean connotation, a word many of us avoided as though it were in the same category as ‘leper’ or a distorted and badly scarred face of an unfortunate fire and/or war casualty. Alzheimer’s was uncomfortable subject matter, something perhaps to be embarrassed about, particularly if it was connected with anyone in your family group.

Fortunately, as a concerned society, we have come to understand that Alzheimer’s is a disease of the mind that has no special pecking order…it can come to any of us, and steady progress is being made in this debilitating anomaly. Science and the medical community have established certain protocols for treatment of this disease that plays no favorites. BUT, so much more needs to be done before we can finally reduce this dark scourge to no more than the nuisance of taking a pill once a day to keep its dementing intrusion away – if not a complete eradication of the disease.

Alzheimer’s has affected and interrupted the lives of many…it has affected my own family. With this blog post, I am seeking support and promoting TEAM TOM in Phoenix, Arizona on ­­­November 14, 2015 – WALK FOR ALZHEIMER’S – Your donation to this TEAM TOM walk of even $1.00 – more if you are able – can enable further Nation-wide research. These Alzheimer’s walks are taking place all over the country. PLEASE, your contribution means a lot.

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My Stag Party



My Stag Party

Up front I can say my mind had entertained some negative thoughts about my upcoming marriage. I don’t know. My intended was a wonderful person, pretty, with humility and a great heart. And, I do love her. It’s just, and, yeah, I know you’ve heard all this, I was not ‘in love’ with her.

So, there I was, arriving at my own stag party…

AND, there she was!

Can’t say I fought the urges. Sure, some bells and whistles went off in that part of the brain that made the gonads rage and titillate with visions of a hot experience, that part of the brain which weighs the duality of purpose – ‘do this’ and ‘don’t do this’.

She was all long blonde hair, blue eyes, quality-measured boobs, and the rest of the body just downright ‘Playboy’ curvaceous and tantalizing, every square inch designed for exploration. Strangely, it was her face that captured most of my attention, eyes that spoke only to me, lips that opened and closed in a way that dangerously increased my heart rate and brought me to critical mass.

It was a stag party! A stag party for me! Arranged by my office buddies at a swanky bistro on Fifth Avenue. After two highballs she appeared in a knockout gold and lavender dress and every move she made caught me holding my breath and swallowing hard. We were introduced. I stared, fumbled for words. My God! If this was my reaction to every beautiful lady I saw, why was I getting married on Saturday?

The staggering notion struck me that this lady, Kristin, really liked me, not because she was play-acting for my stag show, but, genuinely liked me. We talked and drank, and my mind absorbed the guilt-trips. The desire for her was in the ‘overwhelming’ range! All I could imagine at the moment was a long lifetime on a sandy beach of Maui.

Our patter was awkward, clumsy, with each of us somewhat humbled by the magnetism that seemed to draw us together.

“You’re in the brokerage business, Ricky?” She asked.

“Yes,” I answered with a silly smile, “and you?”

“I’m a legal secretary with Brooks and Mason,” she looked shyly into her Margarita.

“Are you married, Kristin?” Somehow, it was important that I knew.

“No… I was married briefly one year ago…” She smiled sadly and sipped her drink.

“What happened?”

“Jerry was killed in Afghanistan… You remind me of him. I came tonight at the request of one of your friends. I’m beginning to believe I should not have come.”

Kristin excused herself and went to the Ladies Room.

Alone at the small bar table, my friends in a corner playing Liar’s Poker, I felt suddenly very alone and very vexed by the evening’s complexity. The girl I was to marry Saturday was not at all on my mind…only Kristin.

I really didn’t know if Kristin was coming back to the table, or, leaving the party altogether, just making the ‘ladies room’ a departure excuse. All I knew was that I would wait until closing time to see if she would.

Then, there she was, walking back to the table. My heart did two full somersaults and a half-gainer into the deep end of my soul with feelings never felt in this life-time. Hey, it’s just something I knew! What else can I say?

She sat and spoke. “Ricky, I was going to walk out of here, but something made me stay…it’s hard to explain. This is your stag party, and I’m making a complete and utter fool out of myself.” Her lovely eyes got all watery as tears were forming.

“If you had not come back I would have spent an eternity looking for you… Look, I know this is all crazy and sudden but our hearts are telling us something…”

I called off the wedding.

Kirstin and I married six months later and honeymooned in Maui.

‘Flash Fiction’ by Billy Ray Chitwood – September 12, 2015


Promo time for “Butterflies and Jellybeans,” a compelling love story with some tense moments. Two joggers meet on a running path during a thunderstorm – in a most unusual way. The lady jogger is struck by lightning. With the lightning strike comes love, but not without some suspense…a matriarch’s great secret, a brother’s deceit and gambling habits. It will take a murder, love, and a long desert odyssey before…well, before love conquers all.



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Stranger Abduction
An Update

For those who might be interested, I have completed the first draft of Stranger Abduction and am now working on editing and rewrites. Hopefully, the book will be ready for publication sometime in October, 2015.

Risking redundancy, Stranger Abduction is inspired by a true unsolved case back in 1993 in Southeastern Arizona. The book had been originally slated for Book 2 of my ‘Bailey Crane Mysteries’, but the manuscript was lost in one of my house moves. The ‘Bailey Crane Mysteries’ Books 1-6 are still on Amazon Kindle and POD, but I decided to rewrite Stranger Abduction as a book unto itself.

In 1995, my wife and I had a spread in southeastern Arizona which was a getaway home for us and we called it ‘The Lazy Rabbit Ranch’. The non-working ranch was within 5 miles of where a mother and daughter were abducted two years previously.

The case fascinated me.

SO, I’ve spent the past few months completely rewriting Stranger Abduction and have put a totally new ‘spin’ to the book. The book does offer an alternate conclusion to the ‘cold case’. The father has passed on and only the sixteen siblings are left. I wanted to provide them and the reader with a possible scenario of the case with a plausible ending. The book is fictional but definitely inspired by those abductions twenty-two years ago…what is actually known about the case.

Now, as I spend my time in the rewriting (draft 2), I’m reliving some of the good times our family spent in the ‘Sulphur Springs Valley’, that desert area surrounded by mountains and defined by the lore of legendary gun slingers and Cochise warriors…not to mention Tombstone, ‘the town too tough to die.’ As with most writers, I believe my novel is well written and compelling.

To those who might have time and would consider helping introduce this new novel to the internet world, this inept launcher of books would be most appreciative…blog tours, perhaps being a Beta-reader (I believe they’re called), and/or ideas for a unique cover, I would love to hear from you.

In any event Stranger Abduction will see the public light of day in the next few weeks. Amazon and Goodreads reviews will be greatly appreciated.

Billy Ray Chitwood – September 5, 2015



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