TEAM TOM – ‘Walk for Alzheimer’s’ – Nov. 14, 2015 – Phoenix, AZ.



TEAM TOM – ‘Walk for Alzheimer’s’ – November 14, 2015 – Phoenix, AZ

Team Tom

When we first heard the word and its meaning, it took some time for the full impact to hit us – Alzheimer’s became a word with an ugly and subterranean connotation, a word many of us avoided as though it were in the same category as ‘leper’ or a distorted and badly scarred face of an unfortunate fire and/or war casualty. Alzheimer’s was uncomfortable subject matter, something perhaps to be embarrassed about, particularly if it was connected with anyone in your family group.

Fortunately, as a concerned society, we have come to understand that Alzheimer’s is a disease of the mind that has no special pecking order…it can come to any of us, and steady progress is being made in this debilitating anomaly. Science and the medical community have established certain protocols for treatment of this disease that plays no favorites. BUT, so much more needs to be done before we can finally reduce this dark scourge to no more than the nuisance of taking a pill once a day to keep its dementing intrusion away – if not a complete eradication of the disease.

Alzheimer’s has affected and interrupted the lives of many…it has affected my own family. With this blog post, I am seeking support and promoting TEAM TOM in Phoenix, Arizona on ­­­November 14, 2015 – WALK FOR ALZHEIMER’S – Your donation to this TEAM TOM walk of even $1.00 – more if you are able – can enable further Nation-wide research. These Alzheimer’s walks are taking place all over the country. PLEASE, your contribution means a lot.

Here’s a short link for your donation(s)…

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