New Book Inspired by Truth

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New Book Inspired by Truth

Today, October 6, 2015, my thirteenth book went on Amazon in paperback and Kindle editions – P/B: — Kindle: The book cover is shown above, but, like some ad I cannot remember reminds us, ‘it’s what’s inside that really counts’. For those who like mystery, suspense, and romance, I’d bet the store you will like this one…

The people who follow my blog will hopefully recognize the title and a previous blog about my frustration when the manuscript was lost in a house move – if you will remember, I wrote Stranger Abduction years ago on a Star-Writer word processor, kept the book’s pages in a box which was eventually lost. The book was to be Book 2 of 7 in my ‘Bailey Crane Mystery Series’. Suffice it to say, there are now six books in that series, all ‘stand-alone’ books that do show the natural progression of the central character. The ‘Bailey Cranes’ are cozy mysteries with a lot of musing by Bailey about his life and loves while chasing the bad guys – along with a hefty amount of moral ambivalence…

But I digress too far…

Back to Stranger Abduction, I completely rewrote the book and it stands alone and delivers, without bias I proclaim, clarity of narrative, dialogue, characters of great interest, and an ending which presents an alternate truth to the supposed outcome of a true mother and daughter disappearance…at least, an alternate truth that offers softer contemplation.

‘Proof/pudding’, all that stuff, I hope you find the time to read the paperback or Kindle version of the book and provide Amazon and/or Goodreads with your reviews.

You know, the author creates and hopes he resonates… Of course, the readers make the final determination. In the meantime, except when sleeping, I’ll keep my fingers crossed and wish for a viral happening.

Please enjoy Stranger Abduction. The ‘buy links’ are under the book cover above.

Reblogs will delight me no end… 🙂

Billy Ray Chitwood – October 6, 2015


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