How Do I Get There From Here?


How Do I Get From Here To There?

I’m a simple man, amazed at the great minds that have given me so many toys with which to play in my adult existence, a man so simple in fact he cannot figure out how to magically utilize the power of SEOSearch Engine Optimization. I’m told that is the meaning of that acronym. If I knew how to use SEO, I’m sure my blog posts and my 13 books would reach more people.

Okay, I’m an ‘old dog’ trying to learn new tricks and beginning to realize that some quaint bromides make a lot of sense.

Now, those ‘widgets’, if I could only drag them to the ‘bar’ that’s mentioned on the page I’d be proud of the accomplishment.

Aw, never mind me! It’s a dreary Monday and I’m just a bit ‘down’…just finished my 13th book, Stranger Abduction, and I’ve not found the formula for a good launch, other than blogging, reblogging, tweets, Facebook mentions, and paid advertising. I know there are ‘Book Launch Tours’ but don’t really know how they work or the value of them. Guess I could run a few giveaway days on Amazon KDP, but it goes against my nature. I mean, working on a book for months, edits, re-writes, etc., all the time spent and give it away? PLUS, it’s a good book with a solid story line and great characters – inspired by an actual event. PLUS, I’m not so full of energy these days…okay, ‘lazy’ might be a more suitable word! PLUS, I did not do enough prep work – beta readers, seeking reviews, press releases, interviews, and the like…maybe I’m a good writer but a lousy promoter.

Anyway, ‘getting there’ (successfully selling my book(s)) from here (‘in La-La Land’) is a problem for me. SO, I must rely on more pleading blog posts and my relentless tweets. Some of you out there in ‘Blogville’ and ‘Tweetland’ have got to take pity on me, pay the dumb .99 cents (or, borrow on KDP free)  reviews. Tell you what, if you don’t like my new book, Stranger Abduction, my fairly popular Mama’s Madness, or any of my 13 books, I’ll give you your money back…just come down (or, up, depending on where you are) to Kentucky, find me, and I’ll return your  .99 cents – or, if you splurge for the book, I’ll return that amount. However, I won’t be able to pay your airfare, car mileage, and food costs…

Well, you think about it while you check out the two books below…and the other eleven books at You will find summaries there of each book.

You wonderful folks could be my way of getting ‘there from here’! Bless you all! AND, I’m not running for any government office…

Billy Ray Chitwood – October 26, 2015   

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Amazon Worldwide

Stranger Abduction just out this month – NEW! Inspired by a true Mother and Daughter disappearance in SE Arizona.

Mama’s Madness has many 5-Star reviews on Amazon. Inspired by an actual Northern California case – a mother from hell tortures and murders two of her daughters and an ex-husband.



(Proud to be the recipient of eleven blog nominations!)




6 thoughts on “How Do I Get There From Here?

  1. I have no idea about SEOs or widgets, Billy Ray. It took me over a week to get my books on the right side of my wordpress page, but I if I had to do it again I don’t think I’d remember how. All this technology is too confusing.


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