Reality Within Reality

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Reality Within Reality

His gait was unsteady and his mind wandered aimlessly down tunnels of aberration. Like a maze, each turn he took presented a moment in time that was vaguely representative of some reality that he could not hold but for seconds before a new reality came. He was dizzy with the thought patterns and scared of what they meant. He clamped his hands to the sides of his head and screamed, but there came no relief. He stumbled and fell.

He heard a voice, soft and desperate, calling a name he could not recognize.

He began to cry, his tear-filled face lifted to a deity of mercy…

Then came a moment of lucidity…his wife, Helen, stood above him, she, too, sobbing, tenderly touching him with shaking hands. “Oh, Jimmy, I wish there was a miracle handy…”

He looked up at her, smiled weakly, and spoke, “It’s okay, my sweet lady, I just had a few bad moments.” He stood, grasping the edges of the bathroom counter. “Come, let us go have our breakfast.”

They walked together to the kitchen. He sat at the padded booth near the granite counter and watched his wife putting the bacon slices in the frying pan, enjoying the familiar and enticing smell. He watched her fry the eggs and hash browns, put the  bread slices in the toaster, heard the tinkle of the plates and silverware, and he felt contented.

When Helen placed his bacon and eggs in front of him, he smiled and touched her hand. “Ah, Judy, it’s so nice to have breakfast at dinner time… Please, join us.”

Helen placed her plate beside him and sat, looked wistfully at her husband of forty years, smiled sweetly for him.

It was 2:30 in the morning…

Quick Flash Fiction – Billy Ray Chitwood – November 1, 2015




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