Millions Do It – Why Should I?


Millions Do It – Why Should I?

Look at the blank pages!

I’ve looked at blank pages for many years, even managed to fill enough of them to write thirteen books, books of mystery and suspense, some inspired by true-life events, even filled some of those blank pages with romance and books about myself. You can find those thirteen books on While I’m at it, I lay claim to roughly 250 blog posts, many tracking emotional events and moments, serving up comments on some of the world’s crazies. There are flash fiction goodies and short stories. My blogs and archive appear on Goodreads and on I’ve been very gratified in receiving eleven blog nominations. Hopefully, some of you will find reading pleasure in these blog posts.

There are a few book sales, some great amazon and Goodreads reviews, and, humble as I am, I believe the books should be reaching more readers. One of the big problems is my ineptness in the digital world, how to extend the reach of my blogs and books to a wider audience. I rely on Twitter tweets, promos added to my posts, Amazon, and Kindle KDP. I’ve never been adept in electronics, mechanics, and have a problem keeping up with the social media flow. Another problem is I’m ‘cheap’, don’t want to spend thousands on advertising and/or a publicist. AND, with millions of writers across the globe, I’m a needle in the proverbial hay stack.

(Yeah, I know, you’ve heard all of this in previous blogs and private conversations…there are great numbers of us!)

Now, don’t get me wrong. I love to write and consider much of the social media a distraction to filling more blank pages. If truth be known, the writing is enough for me. But, there’s a small selfish part of me that would like to see some monetary rewards for my efforts. Now, notwithstanding my humility, I know my books, blogs, stories, have an entertainment value and a clarity of style. Sure, the process is long with the first draft, the editing, rewrites, the proofing, and the re-reads. Even with all involved in the writing process, I can almost guarantee, after one of my books is published, there will be a minor typo or errata. From Indie writers to traditionally published authors, one generally can find errors in some of their published pages.

Well, venting-time is over… I just wanted to share with so many of my writing friends that making money on those blank pages you fill up is wonderful – and you likely go the extra mile, spend much of your time and energy in the promotional stage…not to say you have not written a beautiful book that deserves the big payoff. Indie or traditionally published, I’m happy for you.

If this sounds self-serving, well, it is! I checked the KDP report and saw my modest sales. I would like more sales, but I’ll keep writing, regardless. It keeps me active and alive…and, when I write on those blank pages the particular phrases that bloat me with delight, well, those are the game winners for me.

Now, will all who read this start a viral event and buy my books!!!

Hope springs eternal!

Billy Ray Chitwood – November, 2015

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8 thoughts on “Millions Do It – Why Should I?

  1. I know EXACTLY where you’re coming from, Bill. I’ve also arrived at the same place as you; it has to be about the writing, not the number of readers or sales. There were over 2,200,000 million NEW TITLES published worldwide last year. How overwhelming for readers! How can they even find us? Plus, as I suspect you’ll agree, the writing is so much more fun than the publishing or marketing. I’m currently writing “The Chameleon Complex” and enjoy the journey so much more now that I’m not worrying about who’s going to read it (or not read it). We’re fortunate to be writers. We can do what we love the most all alone, every day, in any kind of weather. I don’t have to be bored; I just open my laptop and BOOM!, I’m having a good time while producing a book as well. We’re birds of a feather, Bill. We write because we have to write, which is a good thing.

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    1. You say it very well, my friend… Let me know the progress of “The Chameleon Complex” – when it’s near the ‘ready’ mark, I can do an author interview (I’ll send you a form with questions to answer), promoting the new book plus “Wannabe…” I can also do a separate blog post on “Chameleon…” and its significant message. Plus, can do a lot of tweeting. Let me know how you might want me to help in your launch… Always my best to you and yours. HAPPY HOLIDAYS!


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