Sadness and Smiles

Sadness and Smiles Christmas season brings a spiritual subtlety of kindness and giving, minds somehow thawing from a year of national and international turmoil, a bleakness that the heart and soul rejects for this magical time when most of us honor the birthday of Jesus…the Man, the Deity, who lived among us and brought Faith […]

Books Make Great Holiday Gifts

BOOKS MAKE GREAT HOLIDAY GIFTS It’s that time of year when hearts mellow and people adjust their attitudes for a brief period of time. Families gather, share their love, and exchange gifts. I hope I’m not so crass a capitalist if I remind you that books make great holiday gifts. I’m an author, and writing […]

The Distance Runner Dynamic

The Distance Runner Dynamic My mind flashed back to the beginning of the race… we were all bunched together and biding our time, each man thinking his own tactical alternatives, each in easy stride, each believing he could win… The first wall came at five miles, and I fought the urges that creep into the […]