Sadness and Smiles

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Sadness and Smiles

Christmas season brings a spiritual subtlety of kindness and giving, minds somehow thawing from a year of national and international turmoil, a bleakness that the heart and soul rejects for this magical time when most of us honor the birthday of Jesus…the Man, the Deity, who lived among us and brought Faith and Hope to a world searching for meaning and promise to their lives.

Faith requires the union of heart, mind, and soul. Faith of course is not tactile and must be somehow embraced by a conversion of that union. What I find most remarkable at this time of year are the love and warmth on the faces of people, their generosity and kindness. It is as though a mysterious presence finds its way into our bodies and spreads a Joy we might find difficult to explain and understand… At least, that is the way the season affects me, like the gentle hand of Jesus Christ touching me, reminding me of my boyhood baptism, reminding me that my Faith, tenuous at times in life, is still very much a part of the Appalachian uncertainty in youth when I strongly felt the visceral currents running through me during ‘Altar Call’ at church… Yet, my Faith is with me, again, sometimes tenuous, but with me.

There are friends who call themselves Atheists who superfluously have the right to hold their beliefs. They can intelligently give their reasons for their Atheism. For me, it is my feeling that there is a certain arrogance to deny the existence of a supreme Deity. There are too many wonders about the earth and its connection to the Universe. It is difficult for me to conceive of a ‘Big Bang’ creating such meticulous preciseness to birth cycles and other natural designs.

But I wander!

The season is upon us, and I feel that miraculous, singular settling within me the spirit of Christmas. I know that there are others who feel this quintessence… It’s my hope the world is feeling it!



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Billy Ray Chitwood – December 23, 2015 (My Website)

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Books Make Great Holiday Gifts



It’s that time of year when hearts mellow and people adjust their attitudes for a brief period of time. Families gather, share their love, and exchange gifts.

I hope I’m not so crass a capitalist if I remind you that books make great holiday gifts. I’m an author, and writing books and blogs is a wonderful part of my life. My enjoyment of writing would still be there were nary one of my books sold…but, I’m lucky and some do sell. Since the holiday season is a great time to give books as gifts, here’s a link to my website and my thirteen books:

My books cross genres – mystery, suspense, action, romance, love, family, memoir, and many of the mysteries are inspired by true events. My writing style has clarity and a musing quality, not complicated reading but I’m told enjoyable, fast-paced, and gritty. I hope you will consider one of my books in your gift giving. Just click on (books) for book summaries and BUY SITES. 

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Have a very Happy Holiday Season…

Billy Ray Chitwood – December – 2015


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The Boiling Point

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The Boiling Point

Ever feel like doing a middle-finger flip? Do you have a boiling point? A point at which all the patience leaves you and there seems no other way to dispel the anger you’re feeling? C’mon, now, you’re only human, ‘fess up, you’ve done a few middle-finger flips in your life – on the highway, when some jerk is playing hanky-panky with his girlfriend, listening to loud-jarring music and plucking on a non-existent guitar, otherwise lost in some netherworld of thought, and he/she wanders over into your passing lane, scares, maybe even soils the pants you’re wearing? Right? Admit it! Remember, there’s no way I’m tracking answers…

Now, it always helps if you have a patient girlfriend or wife in the passenger seat, pleading with you, “Please, sweet buns, stop screaming and pull down that stiff, wild middle finger…we’ll have an accident or some road rage incident! Please!”

However, your boiling point cannot so easily be assuaged, your foul language foiled. You must let the ‘jerk’ see that you are very angry and make sure he sees the wave of your middle-finger and the rage showing on your face… That will become the critical turning point of the highway incident.

It is then that you see beyond the dark-tinted driver’s window of the other car a most attractive long-haired brunette smiling sadly but sweetly at you while eating a McDonald’s French fry. The sad smile seems to be saying, ‘I made a momentary boo-boo, please forgive me.’ So, your mad contorted grimace slowly turns itself into a smile and you wave and continue passing the lovely lady’s car.

Now, it could have been another scenario… You see beyond the dark-tinted driver’s window a very large mean-looking guy who is just noticing you giving him a finger. Your mind continues with its rage against this bumbling discourteous driver until, uh-oh, the other driver motions angrily for you to pull over as he slows and pulls to the shoulder. Suddenly, there is a metabolism-shift, molecules breaking down inside, and you quickly come back in control of your anger. So, you smile, allow your middle-finger to concert with it fellow fingers, wave at the now-angry other driver, and move quickly, nay, fast, on down the highway…hoping that somehow you’ve done enough to palliate the situation.

Now, the wife is again comfortable, unaware of your sudden chemistry change, and you slyly watch the rearview mirror for the other driver. Soon, you feel that all is normal again, and your wife softly suggests, “Honey, can you slow down? You’re going to get a ticket.”

Ah, those darn boiling points!

‘Micro’ Flash by Billy Ray Chitwood – December 12, 2015


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Peace on Earth

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Peace on Earth – Good Will Toward Man

And it came to pass that in the twenty-first century peace on earth and good will toward man became babble from lips of the old and infirm, those dazed chanters in mental houses, those ready for the dark curtain to fall and end their parts in an elongated drama begun in a Universe itself birthed by a galactic event called the ‘Big Bang’.

The earth, the world, as the omniscient political correctness disciples ordained it, was now a global ‘war game’ where anything went, where rules were made during the individual and group slaughters: the beheadings; the human bombs destined for virginal compensation in an afterlife brothel of unending sexual pleasures; when sanity was ruled illegal and a waste of time; when education became houses of narcissism; when bright minds blended with the dull and witless, determined to end inequality of every known motive of man. This global ‘war game’ would end with a new Adam and Eve in a garden of carnage and waste.


Space ship after space ship landed on the scarred and lifeless earth, and tens of thousands new earthlings disembarked at designated latitudes, some along the great arid deserts, some along the coastal waterways, some in the mountains, and some in the inland prairies.

The missions of the new earthlings were manifold, to vaporize all vestiges of the previous inhabitants and prepare the new earth for a new global game. This time the game would have diversity and freedom of choice but only one language. There would be the absence of moral equivalency and ambiguous laws. There would be issues to solve and eventually unanimity of agreement among all earthlings. There would be harmony and peace without wars.

Only one caveat existed: there would be only one Bill O’Reilly, one Rush Limbaugh, and one Charles Krauthammer in the world, and everyone must sign up for their newsletters, under penalty of exile to the meagerly populated Siberia…OR, listening eight hours each day to the equivocations of Hillary Clinton…

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If you don’t already know, these gentlemen are my heroes – O’Reilly – left, Limbaugh – right, Krauthammer – middle but right…oops! They’re all on the Right! Sorry, Bill, I know you’re independent, but you sound right…I mean, you are right in what you say nearly always, that is, correct, but right is better than left…I’m just saying…

Some Crazy thoughts by Billy Ray Chitwood – December 2015


Merry Christmas


Happy New Year

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The Distance Runner Dynamic


The Distance Runner Dynamic

My mind flashed back to the beginning of the race… we were all bunched together and biding our time, each man thinking his own tactical alternatives, each in easy stride, each believing he could win…

The first wall came at five miles, and I fought the urges that creep into the mind – hey, I’ve been here! Just keep running…the lungs will stop burning…the aches will abate… a simple peace will settle into my long pace…soon, now…keep running!

The first wall gave way, and I felt a serenity, my mind now fully focused on staying with my strategy…I needed to keep the field behind me, to build the distance between me and the rest of the pack…the paper cup of water handed to me I sipped and threw the rest onto my face…

A race official ahead was holding up a sign – ‘Twelve Miles’…twelve miles suddenly became an unreachable goal as the sign triggered another wall I had to go through. This time, the wall brought flames inside my lungs…my pace slowed and my feet seemed to have weights on them…my stomach cramped along with my legs and I felt that this was the race I was not to finish…some kind soul handed me water…then, other kind souls gave me water, threw cup after cup of water on my body and face – now in total denial with my mind…been here, keep going, you can make it…

A gentle zephyr caressed my body and my breathing became not so desperate…I burst through the wall…my chest was now only a dull ache, and I could go on…again, I felt an incredible high, like I could run forever, and, as in previous races, I thought about the damage I might be bringing to my body…thought about my wife and the champagne dinner we would share…

A race official waved another sign – ‘two miles’ – a smile came to break up the grimace on my face…then, I heard the sound of running shoes coming up behind and to the side of me…I glanced to my left, and it was one of the world’s greatest distance runners…for several strides, we were side by side, staring straight ahead at a distant finish line…he moved ahead of me by inches, and I thought to myself, ‘this is my race to win’, not his…I stumbled, almost went down, but, somehow stayed up, somehow reached deep into my soul and miraculously caught up and went ahead of a world champion…

The world champion was on my heels as I broke the tape and collapsed some ten feet ahead.

All of a sudden another body’s arms were wrapped around me, hugging me, patting my back…the world champion couldn’t speak at the moment but he smiled and ran his hand through my hair…after some seconds passed, he turned, lay spread-eagled on his back, glanced at me, smiled again, and said: ‘I thought I had you! What a great race you ran’…we laid there, our breathing little by little becoming more normal…’Guess what!’ he said jubilantly, ‘You broke my record…and, I broke my record…you, my friend, are one tough grinder’!

Flash Fiction by Billy Ray Chitwood – December 4, 2015

I ran recreationally, made it seven miles one time…most usually, one to three miles… I did experience the dreaded ‘Wall’ and felt at one point that I could run for hours. I’m a competitor, but not in the same league as the great distance runners…not even close!

I wrote the above ‘flash fiction’ piece for a good friend, Dr. Timothy Tays, a former great distance runner for the University of Kansas. Dr. Tim recently wrote a book about his races and his life – Check out his book at Amazon and view the many 5-Star Reviews… You will not be disappointed – it’s a book about running but it has some important life lessons… Also, Dr. Tim is a clinical psychologist, practicing in Scottsdale, Arizona, and he helps many people… Here’s his book details:




One last thought… Dr. Tim is working on a new book that he is very excited about…he will let us know when he launches THE CHAMELEON COMPLEX. Please be looking for it…

Dr. Tim is on Twitter – @timothytays

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