Peace on Earth

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Peace on Earth – Good Will Toward Man

And it came to pass that in the twenty-first century peace on earth and good will toward man became babble from lips of the old and infirm, those dazed chanters in mental houses, those ready for the dark curtain to fall and end their parts in an elongated drama begun in a Universe itself birthed by a galactic event called the ‘Big Bang’.

The earth, the world, as the omniscient political correctness disciples ordained it, was now a global ‘war game’ where anything went, where rules were made during the individual and group slaughters: the beheadings; the human bombs destined for virginal compensation in an afterlife brothel of unending sexual pleasures; when sanity was ruled illegal and a waste of time; when education became houses of narcissism; when bright minds blended with the dull and witless, determined to end inequality of every known motive of man. This global ‘war game’ would end with a new Adam and Eve in a garden of carnage and waste.


Space ship after space ship landed on the scarred and lifeless earth, and tens of thousands new earthlings disembarked at designated latitudes, some along the great arid deserts, some along the coastal waterways, some in the mountains, and some in the inland prairies.

The missions of the new earthlings were manifold, to vaporize all vestiges of the previous inhabitants and prepare the new earth for a new global game. This time the game would have diversity and freedom of choice but only one language. There would be the absence of moral equivalency and ambiguous laws. There would be issues to solve and eventually unanimity of agreement among all earthlings. There would be harmony and peace without wars.

Only one caveat existed: there would be only one Bill O’Reilly, one Rush Limbaugh, and one Charles Krauthammer in the world, and everyone must sign up for their newsletters, under penalty of exile to the meagerly populated Siberia…OR, listening eight hours each day to the equivocations of Hillary Clinton…

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If you don’t already know, these gentlemen are my heroes – O’Reilly – left, Limbaugh – right, Krauthammer – middle but right…oops! They’re all on the Right! Sorry, Bill, I know you’re independent, but you sound right…I mean, you are right in what you say nearly always, that is, correct, but right is better than left…I’m just saying…

Some Crazy thoughts by Billy Ray Chitwood – December 2015


Merry Christmas


Happy New Year

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9 thoughts on “Peace on Earth

  1. Being from another planet (sorry – I meant ‘another country’) I don’t know these people (apart from Hilary Clinton because she makes the international news). But the men sounds fantastic and I’m off to google them now 😀

    Peace on Earth to you and yours, Billy Ray! xxxx

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