The Boiling Point

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The Boiling Point

Ever feel like doing a middle-finger flip? Do you have a boiling point? A point at which all the patience leaves you and there seems no other way to dispel the anger you’re feeling? C’mon, now, you’re only human, ‘fess up, you’ve done a few middle-finger flips in your life – on the highway, when some jerk is playing hanky-panky with his girlfriend, listening to loud-jarring music and plucking on a non-existent guitar, otherwise lost in some netherworld of thought, and he/she wanders over into your passing lane, scares, maybe even soils the pants you’re wearing? Right? Admit it! Remember, there’s no way I’m tracking answers…

Now, it always helps if you have a patient girlfriend or wife in the passenger seat, pleading with you, “Please, sweet buns, stop screaming and pull down that stiff, wild middle finger…we’ll have an accident or some road rage incident! Please!”

However, your boiling point cannot so easily be assuaged, your foul language foiled. You must let the ‘jerk’ see that you are very angry and make sure he sees the wave of your middle-finger and the rage showing on your face… That will become the critical turning point of the highway incident.

It is then that you see beyond the dark-tinted driver’s window of the other car a most attractive long-haired brunette smiling sadly but sweetly at you while eating a McDonald’s French fry. The sad smile seems to be saying, ‘I made a momentary boo-boo, please forgive me.’ So, your mad contorted grimace slowly turns itself into a smile and you wave and continue passing the lovely lady’s car.

Now, it could have been another scenario… You see beyond the dark-tinted driver’s window a very large mean-looking guy who is just noticing you giving him a finger. Your mind continues with its rage against this bumbling discourteous driver until, uh-oh, the other driver motions angrily for you to pull over as he slows and pulls to the shoulder. Suddenly, there is a metabolism-shift, molecules breaking down inside, and you quickly come back in control of your anger. So, you smile, allow your middle-finger to concert with it fellow fingers, wave at the now-angry other driver, and move quickly, nay, fast, on down the highway…hoping that somehow you’ve done enough to palliate the situation.

Now, the wife is again comfortable, unaware of your sudden chemistry change, and you slyly watch the rearview mirror for the other driver. Soon, you feel that all is normal again, and your wife softly suggests, “Honey, can you slow down? You’re going to get a ticket.”

Ah, those darn boiling points!

‘Micro’ Flash by Billy Ray Chitwood – December 12, 2015


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