Books Make Great Holiday Gifts



It’s that time of year when hearts mellow and people adjust their attitudes for a brief period of time. Families gather, share their love, and exchange gifts.

I hope I’m not so crass a capitalist if I remind you that books make great holiday gifts. I’m an author, and writing books and blogs is a wonderful part of my life. My enjoyment of writing would still be there were nary one of my books sold…but, I’m lucky and some do sell. Since the holiday season is a great time to give books as gifts, here’s a link to my website and my thirteen books:

My books cross genres – mystery, suspense, action, romance, love, family, memoir, and many of the mysteries are inspired by true events. My writing style has clarity and a musing quality, not complicated reading but I’m told enjoyable, fast-paced, and gritty. I hope you will consider one of my books in your gift giving. Just click on (books) for book summaries and BUY SITES. 

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Have a very Happy Holiday Season…

Billy Ray Chitwood – December – 2015


http://www. (@brchitwood) (My blog site)

Proud member of #asmsg – #IAN – #AHA

Proud recipient of eleven blog award nominations.


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