Awake and Asleep

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Awake and Asleep

I’m a simple man and it is not my intent to bore people with the mundane and obvious…though, at times, I’m sure I do. My attempt is to be engaging and to have something important, perhaps witty, to say – to promote one of my books and be self-conscious that those who might read the promotion will be deleting me and calling me a spammer. Now, it is possible that I’m a certified malcontent or a chronic ‘whatever’!

Like now, this moment, I’m re-reading what I just wrote in the first paragraph and saying to myself, ‘get to the point, hillbilly hotshot’. So, I shall!

I’m awake, sitting in the sunroom, looking out at the rolling hills of Lincoln’s Kentucky, and all’s really right with my world. That is, I’m not going to think about the chaos, the mind-bending killings taking place all over the world, the rosy spin our president inserts into the ‘State of the Union’ message. It’s good to pump up the people, to give them positive signs that we’re better off today than when he took office seven years ago. We buy his eloquence in delivering his ‘legacy’ message or we doubt the veracity of his emotional and passionate oratory… No, I’m not going to think about this or the other thought patterns of economy, education, jobs, freedom, liberty, security, those noble principles and values carefully and tediously recorded in the Constitution of the United States of America… No, the sky is a wondrous blue and the sun touches my face and body bringing languid moments. Why squander such beauty with negative mind-absorption?

Now, I’m asleep and in a dream…a terribly flighty, unorganized puzzle put together by my sub-conscious…that’s an assumption. I’m here! I’m there! With people I don’t recognize! I’m flying, not in a plane, me, I’m flying, using breast strokes to pull me higher into the sky where I glide over the land and buildings below. When I begin to lose altitude I use my breast stroke to regain the space I lost. With a steady sync of fall and breast stroke, I’m again on the ground and wondering why I’m lying in this ditch. Now, I’m on a real plane with people I don’t know and it’s about to crash! Suddenly, I’m not on the plane but a night bystander on terra firma some 500 feet away, watching the jet fly out of sight behind a hangar-type building and crash. I see the red flames with black tint shooting upward. The dream shifts to a parking area where I’m trying to find my car… I can’t find it, and I’m in a panic!

I’m awake again, reclined in my Lazy Boy, looking across the sunroom at my sweet Julie Anne, dividing her time between finding genealogy nuggets on the web and cat napping… Oh, and George the cat is napping as well.

Well, that’s my blog post for this week… If anyone can possibly tell me what all of this is about I shall be eternally grateful. The best I can sum it all up is by generalizing: ‘Awake and Asleep’ we fight our ‘demons’!

Billy Ray Chitwood – January 14, 2016

Okay, I’m going to spare you this week and not promote one of my books. Nope, I’m going to promote all thirteen of them by sending you to my website, There, you will find mystery, suspense, action, thriller, romance, memoirs. Aside from a couple of non-fiction books, there are several novels that were inspired by true crimes and events. Many have 5-Star reviews. The books have entertainment value and the style of writing has clarity and a musing quality. Please take a look at the website for summaries of the books, some excerpts, and some bio information about me. Thank you very much.

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6 thoughts on “Awake and Asleep

  1. This dream sounds like it’s all about loss of control, Billy Ray – which makes a lot of sense given the state of the world at the moment (most of us feel the same way). Enjoy that lovely scenery with your beautiful Anne and keep on writing your wonderful words 😀

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  2. I love the new look of your website, Bill. BTW, we are going down to the beach this weekend. If you and Julie were there we’d be visiting soon, probably talking about books. Take care.

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