Lovely room!

Speaks of opulence and success!

Am I envious?

Sure! Would love to have such a room in my home – it’s magnificent and its beauty draws you in.

My envy does not bring me to a point of anger and hatred for the person who owns this room. The occupants of this room – and, presumably, mansion – worked hard and long to attain this marvelous environment. On the other hand, all of this could have been willed to a son and/or daughter – with a lot of cash to go with it. That’s okay, too.

My memories are of Appalachia, kerosene lamps, and out houses…parents divorcing and family disconnect.

Surely, no one is envious of that scenario!

I was fortunate. I was lucky. I achieved a modicum of success in my life – made it through college on the GI Bill and working for Sears. There were plenty of mistakes to go with my successes, and there were (and, are) occasional visits from my guilt demons. All in all, this great country and its people made it all possible for me. Opportunities came, and I took advantage of them…democracy, freedom, liberty at work.

When I hear politicians talking about ‘inequality’ and how we need to even the ‘playing field’, I’m thinking: What the hell are they talking about? Surely these people know that equality for the masses is implausible and impossible given the nature of so many factors – mental deficiency, propensities for crime and idleness, family breakdowns, mobility, sub-standard education, a whole range of factors.

So, these politicians who talk about inequality, who want to tax the wealthy, increase taxes on the middle class, add stiffer regulations for corporations, add to the stack of entitlements already in place, they must have superior intelligence on how to make this happen. Can they not understand that these acts would crush our economy…corporations would leave the country – as they already have – and find friendlier benefits in other countries.

There are some things of which I’m reasonable sure. There will always be this inequality. There will always be those who seek their money and political power from the taxpayers of the country, and you seldom hear them say that twenty per cent of the top wage earners pay eighty-four per cent of the income taxes, or, one per cent of top wage earners pay almost 50% of taxes. It is impossible to have equality, and there is never going to be Utopia.

What we can do is elect wisely, looking for dignity, honesty, and wisdom in our next president. In my humble opinion, we cannot afford another four years of socialistic-flavored politics. Remember what Winston Churchill said about Socialism: Socialism is a philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance, and the gospel of envy, its inherent virtue is the equal sharing of misery.”

Billy Ray Chitwood– January 24, 2016


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5 thoughts on “Inequality

    1. I shouldn’t comment on politics either, Dianne, but 2016 is our Presidential election year…and I’ve been known to rant and rave a bit (going against all good advice)… ‘Not much good’? You’re fantastic!
      Working on another book but will get some tweets out for you now and then! All the best to you and yours! 🙂

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