Spring and Summer

butterfly.jpgSpring and Summer

The boys are playing baseball – a rite of Spring, synonymous with Mom’s apple pie and Pop’s homemade vanilla ice cream.

The girls are wearing their tank tops and cut-off jeans, strutting model-straight as they pass the boys in school hallways all across the country…getting close to bikini time and raging hormones.

The high school football boys are looking for summer jobs that will build up their bodies for the fall/winter pigskin season.

Come Summer, some of the young and timid boys and girls with acne spend many hot days in the sun, hoping to hit the zits with its brutal rays. At least, by the start of school in September they have a great tan.

The private and public swimming pools with diving boards are open for the boys to get attention from the girls as they perform their half-gainers, one-and-a-half flips, and swan dives. Naturally, there are an adequate share of belly flops and bruised egos.

There are family weekends, many spent in the mountains, or, many go on a full two-week vacation to a beautiful lake or ocean resort, or, few are off to sponge off relatives or friends who live in a swankier spot on the map.

There are couples saying their nuptials, to love and honor and obey all marital pledges. There could be pre-nuptials here and there, just to be on the safe side.

There are once-happily married couples getting divorced, some with kids in troubled states of mind.

There are political primaries to elect a new president, with television debates and all the ads – ad nauseam. During this important time period, there are many private political debates as well. Some neighbors become enemies, and, in other instances, a person thought an enemy becomes a friend.

There are in our world uncivilized, unholy earthling barbarians, cutting off Christians’ heads, cutting off heads of people who will not do their bidding in building a global Caliphate, drowning people in large cages, burning folks to death, and, of course, shooting the infidels. These ogres of the innocent and oppressed are coming our way – in fact, they are already here… So, I’m thinking it might be a very good idea to wipe these bastards off the face of the earth.

Yes, our Spring and Summer come to us this year with some major events taking place. Be wary and watchful but enjoy as well you can this beautiful time of the year.

This author will continue to write his blogs, his books, and songs until the cow is back in the proverbial barn giving milk for our newly born.

Life is full of proverbial ups and down, good deals, bad deals, war, peace, love, harmony. It’s all recorded in our history books…if they are not too severely revised. Some of us feel we must be pretty dumb not to be heeding the advice given by history.

We will get back to that.

Billy Ray Chitwood – March 24, 2016

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