Beauty – Eye – Beholder


‘Beauty – Eye – Beholder’

Looks like a big field of chocolate ice cream!

That’s what I’m thinking as I look at this art shot just southwest of Yuma, Arizona. That hits me each time I pass this large stretch of land where the dune buggies and other odd sorts of motorized contraptions buzz across the expanse, motoring fast and furious as they go up the wind-shaped dunes. On the level areas, these Evel Knievel daredevils zip by so fast it scares you just watching.

For the rapt me, this sparkling sand speaks of the Bedouins in Arabia, Negev, and the Sinai, the camels, and the ‘Arabian Nights’. Bedu is Arabic for ‘inhabitant of the desert’, and my mind tries to absorb the lives of these desert Nomads, the desolate days and nights – a culture and way of life for a people who do not know of the great cities in the West, the elegant dress of the high-minded aristocrats…nor do they care to know.

Of course, there are but a few short mind-steps to that troubled area of the world where anger and hate have accumulated over millennia. These robed wanderers of the desert must love as well as hate, must find frequent pleasures in festive times and in their rituals.

Then, the mind can quickly jump to barbaric acts by those extreme Islamic monsters who find it easy to cut off heads and burn the Christians and infidels with expeditious ease.

It appears I’m lingering in this short blog on the ugliness that is all around us. From the political correctness of our words to the critical mass of terrorism and hatred in the world, it sometimes seems we are on the edge of cataclysm, an apocalyptic event to destroy us… or, to right our course.

‘Beauty is in the eye of the beholder’, and some beholders might not find the desert in Yuma as beautiful as I, or this seascape in Mexico…


Or, this lovely valley art…


Yet, with all the beauty around us, we have leaders who seem not to notice and want to take us in directions where our freedom and liberties are usurped, to their ideology of conquer and control.

When our leaders talk about ‘Global Unity’, there is no doubt the phrase has a noble ring. With language barriers and historic ledgers that can never be reconciled, it seems to me an impossible dream. Yet, Science and Technology can create magic in their laboratories, devices that can aid us in communicating with people from all parts of the world, perhaps, breaking down walls of time-worn fears.

However, there is beauty all around us, and, for me, beauty is love and love is beauty.

Billy Ray Chitwood – May 4, 2016

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